We are very happy that you consider donating to the development of Giveth!

There are some things we would like you to know, before you continue:

  • 1 - For every 1 ETH you donate you will get 1 Giveth governance token (usable for governance in future versions)
  • 2 - In order to receive your token, please only donate from an ERC-20 compliant wallet, like Metamask or myetherwallet
  • 3 - Our transaction address
  • 4 - We can accept direct transactions in ETH only. If you want to donate with another cryptocurrency or token, please use shapeshift to exchange them into ETH. Please note: If you transfer directly through shapeshift, you will miss out on your governance token!

To make it easy for you to donate, we use a pre-filled form on myetherwallet, accessible with this button here: Donate to Giveth!