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Welcome to the Giveth House! 🦄A beautiful home, office, and community space located in Barcelona. The Giveth House has been available since 2017 to accommodate the greater Giveth community. When Giveth was founded in 2016, we knew it would be important to have a physical space to help facilitate the growth of Giveth. We also wanted the Giveth house to give the greater Web3 community a real location for events, gatherings, coworking, hack sessions and just a place to rest your weary head.Why Barcelona? Impassioned by first hand experiences of the Catalan struggle for independence, Giveth founders wanted to establish a local haven that represents freedom of thought and choice, and serve as a physical space to exercise that freedom. We are open to and inclusive of all walks of life that have equality, safety, comradery, freedom from tyranny, hierarchy and subservience in their philosophy. Until now we have sustained the Giveth House successfully through a revenue stream that has unfortunately recently diminished due to changes in the Ethereum network and market. We are asking for the support of the community at large to keep this wonderful IRL solar punk nexus alive!Centrally located near Plaça d'Espanya with easy access throughout the city and beach, the Giveth House welcomes anyone in the blockchain4good ecosystem who needs a place to stay, work or just hang out while in town. We want the space eventually to grow into an increasingly dynamic and regenerative locale where we can hold events for the different projects and become a strategic point to exchange ideas, create, and contribute to the community.Please support the Giveth House and help us maintain this gentle and warm, and open-door safe haven for the solar punk community that connects the greater Giveth ecosystem!
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