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Onboarding as a Donor

Whether you're brand new to crypto, or a seasoned pro, we made it easier than ever to directly support the projects you love on Giveth. Follow along below to learn how you can donate to projects with zero fees as well as earn rewards in GIV tokens!
Connect a Web3 Wallet
If you already have a web3 wallet, all you have to do is connect on our site. If you're new to web3, the easiest way to get started is to create an Ethereum web3 wallet (like MetaMask).
Fund Your Wallet
Next up, try donating to a project on Giveth! We’ve got over 1,800 to choose from in categories ranging from Disaster Relief, Art & Culture, Education, Health & Wellness and more!
Donate to a Project
We have thousands of projects to choose from in dozens of categories. Find a project or cause you believe in from our projects page and donate. Remember 100% of everything you donate goes directly to the project!

What else can you do on Giveth?

Project Owner

Learn how to create a project, promote it and raise donations.


Get into the economy of giving and learn how you can also benefit from it.