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20 h ago
DeSci Asia is listing on coSynthesisX Spring QF Round on Optimism
Suppport DeSci Asia on coSynthesisX Spring QF Round on Optimism Part of Funding is used as recongnition to speakers on DeSci Asia scientific meetings
2 d ago
Uniting Communities for Sustainable Environmental Restoration.
🌳 Exciting Announcement! 🌍 Introducing "Reforesting Our Future" – an inspiring community initiative for sustainable environmental restoration. 🌱 Our mission is to unite communities, fostering a collective commitment to planting the seeds of positive change. Together, we'll nurture and protect ...
2 d ago
We deliver food to one hundred and ten elderly people in Cochas Alto.
🌈 Brightening Days in Cochas Altos! 110 elders, 110 stories. Help us continue our commitment to delivering meals and joy. Your donation ensures no one is left hungry or alone. 🙏🍚 Click here to contribute: HELP US HELP, DONATE AND TOGETHER LET'S FEED MORE FAMILIES.
2 d ago
Transforming Sustainability; Using Blockchain to Monitor CO2 Emissions and Offset Carbon Footprints.
🌐 Exciting News! We're leveraging Blockchain technology to trace Co2 emissions and neutralize carbon footprints. 🌿 Your support can make this eco-friendly dream a reality! Donate today to not just save the planet but uplift struggling families. 🌍💙 #CarbonNeutral #DonateNow DONATE A TREE AND T...
2 d ago
Purchase of school supplies .
On February 21st we purchased school materials for the Education in Querentena project, most of the funds were from the sales of Our NFTs collection and the other part of the QF of $52.00 that we obtained with funding from Polygon and Giveth. More information : our f...
2 d ago
Supporting nutrition, through food can make a life saving impact.
🙏 Make an impact today! MALNUTRITION KILLS, and we're on a mission to change that. Your donation can ensure that families have access to proper nutrition. Let's unite to save lives through the power of feeding. Donate and share the love! 💕 #SupportFamilies HELP US HELP, DONATE AND TOGETHER LET'...
3 d ago
B<>rder/ess Activities From December 2023 - February 2024
We've created a list of our Public Goods activities from our inception till date, on Gitcoin Gov Forum, you can check it out here. But here are our activities from December 2023 till now. 🗓️ DECEMBER 2023 Progress Report on Our Tech Club's activities Announced 500 Tech Scholarship campaign for o...
5 d ago
Added support to Blast testnet
Greetings! We bring excellent news! Given the increase in popularity of the network and demand from our users we have added support to Blast_L2 Sepolia testnet! We hope to receive feedback from this powerful community and improve our product for the project mainnet Try our platform today https://...
5 d ago
Greening Our Future: 12,000 Trees Planted in February 2024 – Join Us in Making a Difference!
In a remarkable environmental initiative, our organization has taken a giant leap towards a greener and healthier future by planting a total of 12,000 trees in the span of just two weeks during February 2024. Among these, 7,000 American cedar plants and 5,000 pine trees have found their new home,...
5 d ago
Agape Hand: Nourishing 700 Families with Crypto Compassion
In a heartwarming initiative, our organization has taken a significant step towards making a positive impact in the lives of 700 families residing in the highlands. Faced with the challenges of remote locations and limited resources, our mission is to deliver essential food baskets to those who n...
5 d ago
Progress Thus Far...
We are happy to share with the family that we've able to help 600 girls with Sanitary Pads, 20 widows with food supply and over 400 kids with school supplies, this was made possible from support from Tony (The Matic Man), the founder of Crewminity and friends from the Ecosystem. We are almost don...
5 d ago
DeSci Asia Kolkata meeting
Last Friday on Feb is coming We are excited to announce that DeSci Asia Kolkata meeting 23 Jan 2024, GMT+5.5 (IST), 430pm - 630pm
5 d ago
3.2K impression of DeSci Asia x DeSci Tokyo update
5 d ago
Impact report of WAMO2023
Date: 16 Dec 2023 - 1 Jan 2024 Events: 82 differents events (Event review with photo) Attendees: 1914 attendances (Attendance record) Media exposure, 1614 followers; 13 Web3 media and 88 communities marketing promtion (reference) Working Team (Total 79 members; over...
8 d ago
Closing for Now
We will close this project by today. Thank you for your huge support.
9 d ago
PIXEL MUNAY: Decentralizing Technological Education
AYNITEC - PIXEL MUNAY in Technological Training Technological education is a fundamental pillar for the development of innovative capabilities in today's youth. At AYNI EDUCATIVO, we recognize this need and respond with specific programs designed to enhance digital learning. Our recent call for t...
9 d ago
SUMMER 2024 - AYNI EDUCATIVO: Official Launch of Class Sessions
Commencement of Classes at AYNI EDUCATIVO: A Commitment to Decentralized Education On January 17, 2024, AYNI EDUCATIVO commenced its summer class cycle, welcoming students across three educational levels: early education, primary, and secondary. Adopting an innovative and decentralized approach, ...
9 d ago
Decentralizing Education: Call for Participation in AYNI EDUCATIVO SUMMER 2024
Impact and Reach of the AYNI EDUCATIVO Call for Participation for Summer 2024 At AYNI EDUCATIVO, we have successfully initiated the call for participation phase for our Summer 2024 program, an educational project designed to provide comprehensive and quality teaching to children and youth. This c...
9 d ago
V2 Testnet
I am thrilled to share with you the latest development at ZNS Connect: the launch of our V2 Testnet! This is a significant milestone for us, marking a leap forward in our journey towards revolutionizing decentralized naming services. Our V2 Testnet brings enhanced functionality and an improved us...
9 d ago
progress 05
Blue bar is activity for this 10m session ~ translated part of governance section to Greek Activity can be tracked ~
10 d ago
ReFi Collaborative Business Incubator
Dear Giveth Community, It is with great excitement that we share the thrilling advancements and achievements made during our pilot experience of the ReFi Collaborative Business Incubator, held from September to November 2023. Regenerative Finance (ReFi): In collaboration with ReFi Costa Rica, we ...
10 d ago
Spread Love and Compassion: Celebrate Like St. Valentine by Helping the Oppressed and Needy
In a world often overshadowed by its challenges, there's a poignant resonance in celebrating love and compassion reminiscent of St. Valentine. This Valentine's Day, let's transcend traditional expressions of affection and embrace a deeper meaning by extending a helping hand to the oppressed and n...
10 d ago
NFT of Shipibo children, who do not count a leaf to draw
Discover the latest and most popular Shipibo NFTs. Find your perfect #NFT by filtering by exact feature. NFT of Shipibo children, who do not count a leaf to draw Support us on rarible: DONATE TO CONTINUE BUILDING A BETTER WORLD.
10 d ago
Give a tree as a gift to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Planting a tree, for Valentines Day😉 is incredibly simple. To begin kindly inform us about the number of trees you wish to plant. You have the freedom to plant trees as your heart desires whether it's merely one or even a small grove.. Guess what? When you gift someone a tree on Valentines Day...
12 d ago
Friends, we've been working towards this for 1.5 years! Oh, how many resources, time, nerves, tears, calls, comments, AMAs, and tokens have been spent. Finally, we can say - THE APP IS READY! DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Head out right now to search for pins, collect tokens, win NFTs, chat, organize teams, i...
12 d ago
Nourishing Hope: Join Us in Feeding Vulnerable Families
In the face of adversity, "Nourishing Hope: Join Us in Feeding Vulnerable Families" stands as a beacon of compassion and resilience. The struggle against hunger persists, and we invite you to be a vital part of this noble cause. Every day, vulnerable families grapple with the harsh reality of foo...
12 d ago
Reforesting for Prosperity: Empowering Shipibo Communities to Alleviate Poverty.
"Reforesting for Prosperity" explores the transformative potential of reforestation in addressing the intertwined challenges of environmental degradation and poverty within Shipibo communities in the Amazon. The Shipibo people face the consequences of widespread deforestation and limited economic...
12 d ago
Recording of DeSci Asia x DeSci Tokyo update We got 6 speakers and 97 live listeners in our Space
13 d ago
Two Years on Giveth 2
The DBC began tracking its history simply on Giveth Trace as a DAC, a decentralized autonomous community. Many projects, milestones, updates and a migration later we are still decentralized and autonomous, so much more than a community, still growing and tracking! In this update let's celebrate s...
14 d ago
NFT to eliminate hunger, our children from the communities making the best drawings.
Food security requires a multidimensional approach, from social protection to safeguard safe and nutritious food, especially for children, to transforming food systems for a more inclusive and sustainable world. Investments in rural and urban areas and in social protection will be needed to ensur...
14 d ago
Planting trees is the solution to the climate crisis. At reforest trees, we continue to plant more trees.
Is planting trees the solution to the global climate crisis? One of the keys to neutralize CO2 in the atmosphere is to offset emissions with environmental actions. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, the main cause of the global climate crisis due to the effect of human activity. At present, forests, i....
15 d ago
Food for the needy.
Children, abandoned mothers, elderly people, people with disabilities, among others in vulnerable conditions received food baskets from the hands of our NGO Agape Hand. A total of 3225 food baskets were distributed among the beneficiaries.  The delivery took place on Thursday, February 8, 2024. C...
15 d ago
successful Playtest 09.02.2024
15 d ago
Your DApp can now be gamified!
Good news for DexAppBuilder! – Your DApp can now be gamified! Leaderboards have been included and you will now be able to create scoring systems for some actions. – Enable only the networks you want to use in your DApp. – Automatic sitemap generation for SEO. – Overall performance. ANN Tweet: htt...
15 d ago
DeSci Asia x DeSci Tokyo update Space
We will chat with @DeSciTokyo on 12 Feb, Japan time 7pm Just feel free to jump in this casual DeSci networking. No agenda, share updates, chatting, make friends here
15 d ago
🚀Successful Blockchain Talks event at Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines In a ground-breaking spectacle, the Blockchain Talks event, powered by the vibrant communities of First Choice Coin DAO, Polygon Village, and Giveth, lit up Tacloban Leyte on February 4, 20...
16 d ago
Funding Needed for Essential Computer Equipment
Dear donors, Currently, I am unable to showcase more 3D assets due to my system being broken—my CPU, monitor, and motherboard are all inoperable. I find myself in a tight financial situation and urgently require a new computer system to continue my work. My preferred specifications for creating 3...
16 d ago
Famous Exchange Caught in Scandal: Time for a Complete Legal Review! Why Is Crypto Especially Hard to Regulate? ft. Prof. Cheng-Yun Tsang, Attorney Eddie Hsiung
In this episode of Blocktrend, two legal experts — Prof. Cheng-Yun Tsang from the University of Monash in Australia and Attorney Eddie Hsiung from Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law—engage in a cross-border conversation to thoroughly analyze the legal loopholes highlighted by this incident. They also ex...
17 d ago
Dreaming in reality
Hello Givoors. Just passing around to talk about how we are growing. First, we decided to leave behind the web2 tools for publishing, and now we are using paragraph to give our updated from the ecosystem. Actually we are getting some revenue for publishing, and people helping us minting our NFT. ...
17 d ago
Date changed
The event dates have changed from 18th to 22nd
18 d ago
Rebioca visits Örnek Evler
Our co-founder, Ahmet Kaleli, recently visited Örnek Evler to conduct an educational session on organic waste management with black soldier flies for the residents.
18 d ago
GreenPill Phangan is on EcoSynthesisX Spring Round!
Excited updates! We are in EcoSynthesisX Spring Round on Gitcoin 🔥 Find us on your favorite chain! @Optimism @arbitrum @OxPolygon @zksync @base Links below: Optimism Ar...
18 d ago
Refi Phangan is in EcoSynthesisX Spring Round on 5 chains!
GM community! We are in EcoSynthesisX Spring Round 🔥 Find us on your favorite chain! @Optimism @arbitrum @0xPolygon @zksync @base Check the links below: Optimism zkSync...
18 d ago
EcoSynthesisX Spring Round has begun!
🔥EcoSynthesis Spring Round has begun on Gitcoin for 5 chains! 🧪👩‍🔬 Experimental approach on public good funding utilizing hyperstructure vision Apply if you're #ReFi #DecSi #community #publicgood #Phangan #global_ecosystem related project Links down below: * zkSync
21 d ago
✨🐾Unveiling Bella's Tale💕: A Heartwarming Journey of Joy and Kindness
HELLO, I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL STORY FOR YOU ABOUT A CHARMING DOG NAMED BELLA 🐾 Yes, yes, one of the darlings from BellaJoy Kindness. It's so heartwarming to receive updates and rejoice in their happiness...😊 I'm truly grateful to all of you for helping and being a part of their journey. Together, w...
23 d ago
Your DApp, your product, your rules
Your DApp, your product, your rules that's why DexAppBuilder now allows you to select which blockchain networks your product works with and which ones it doesn't for the sake of your brand At the same time, we made other minor corrections that will improve your experience with the platform. Bring...
23 d ago
2023 Report is Live!
EkoDoku Progress Report is live! Excited to share @EkoDokuKoop 's achievements, financial insights, social impacts, and recent activities this period. Get a glimpse into the transformative journey. Our financial support through @AnkaRelief has enhanced stakeholder participation and collaboration,...
24 d ago
Weekly brainstorming spaces summary
Let's Grow DAO organizes weekly spaces for collective brainstorming and planning of the REGENAISSANCE Festival, emphasizing community involvement and sustainable practices. INITIAL CONCEPTS (09/25/2023) Initiated with crowd assessment, purpose clarification, and considering a music festival. Emph...