Building the Future of Giving

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  • Open-Source

    Giveth is a completely free and open-source platform bringing community, transparency and accountability to charitable donations.

  • Altruistic

    Decentralized Communities centered around shared values can create and support Campaigns that make the change they want to see.

  • Connecting
    & Rewarding

    Donations are not only used to support Campaigns but also to build connections within the community.

Transparent donation flow with 'Liquid Pledging'

We strongly believe in the power of open-source!

All of our software is considered a gift to the Ethereum community.

We hope to help projects use our modular system to test their innovative smart contracts and UIs with real money in a low risk environment. Imagine starting a charity to help alleviate homelessness in your hometown while alpha testing an experimental decentralized governance system you plan to use in your project.

With Giveth, you can have live smart contract testing while making the world a better place! And because of Giveth's open-source nature, if a decentralized governance protocol or any other smart contract is used on the platform successfully it can easily achieve network effect and be utilized by other DACs (Decentralized Altruistic Communities) to aid in their cause. Maximizing #blockchain4good!

Our Projects

  • The Giveth Donation Application

    Giveth Donation Application

    The first working prototype, our minumium loveable product,Giveth Donation Application of the full Giveth platform is live on testnet! We are in alpha stage testing but will open it up to the world very soon.

  • The Giveth Milestone-Tracker

    Giveth's PoC DApp

    Donations have built the Giveth platform, and every wei spent has passed through our milestone smart contracts with the details of each expenditure recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our Smart Contracts

  • Mini Me

    MiniMe Token

    The MiniMe token makes it trivial for anyone to upgrade a DApp/DAO midstream to include new features in a decentralized fashion, without having to migrate to a new token contract and without having to ask for permission.

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  • Placeholder


    The Vault Contract is designed to hold ether and safely automate payments in a DApp/DAO environment. It allows for a step-by-step decentralization process as trust in the code base is built over time.

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  • Liquid Pledging

    Liquid Pledging

    Enables direct oversight of the management of funds, allowing the Giver to delegate authority over their donations in an efficient way, following the principles of liquid democracy.

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  • Milestone Payouts

    Milestone Payouts

    Our milestone contracts keep Campaigns accountable to their supporters. Breaking down lump sum amounts to help all types of organizations (for-profit or non-profits) be assured that contributed funds are well spent.

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The Giveth DAC

Giveth's DApp (Donation Application) is being developed by the Giveth DAC (Decentralized Altruistic Community). We are an community-led project and will not derive any direct profit from the platform. We strive to model the DAC concept as one of the first non-profit blockchain based entities. Learn more...

Unicorn Love

Our smart contracts are being used widely in the Ethereum community,

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