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The Future of Giving is Now! We have softly launched our second dApp from the Giveth community of makers, this free, open-source, and decentralized application for peer-to-peer donations you are using right now. 💜 Donations such as yours are our primary source of funding and are deeply appreciated! In the current evolution of Giveth we're building upon firsthand experience gained through developing, maintaining and improving our original flagship dApp (live at beta.giveth.io). For 3+ years, all funding for Giveth has been tracked transparently, securely and accountably here using the full-featured version with DAC’s, Campaigns and Milestones. This new dApp is starting out with a simple purpose: 💜 For Givers: Offer the best experience for anyone looking to donate to a cause, whether with crypto or a credit card. 💜 For Makers: Enable project creators anywhere in the world to start accepting donations in a few minutes, with zero fees and zero censorship. We know that the future is what we make it, and at Giveth everyone is a Giver AND a Maker.. Your questions, suggestions and preferences are needed to guide the team in deciding what features and functionality to build next. Ways to contribute: Donate today and feed the team! Click the “Feedback” button to submit your ideas! Connect with us at join.giveth.io so we can welcome you personally to the Future of Giving!

Bridging Digital Communities

I run a bridge server for chats (Discord, Telegram, Riot, ...) and am actively engaging communities connected to the Ethereum space. Especially with the advent of newDAOs my services are being requested on a regular basis. Most requested at the moment is bridging between community servers on Discord (both communities get to share a room), whereas before it was mostly mirroring rooms between different protocols. Once a bridge is up, it still needs to be maintained and I regularly check that everything is in working order. I never charge for these services, but I do accept donations (all Ethereum tokens) Current list of bridged communities: Giveth The Commons Stack Metagame Hackalong 1hive ethereum.org balancer.io Aragon cadCAD Token Engineering Token Engineering Commons sourcecred Raid Guild DappNode brightID Metafactory dOrg Matic Consensys Panvala Gitcoin Yearn DAOHaus Kshazu DAO Book Club Mol Le Art ETHLatam Shenanigan Seeing Earth

Patagonia Wildfire Emergency

Seven towns in the Northwestern Patagonian region of Argentina have suffered a tremendous tragedy. An enormous fire broke out on March 9th affecting approximately 15 thousand hectares, so far. The flames started within a three hour period in towns that are miles apart, a fact which makes it clear that this wasn’t an accident, but a deliberate act. The situation was not only aggravated by powerful winds, but by the governmental apathy, abandonment and incompetence to provide a quick and effective response, at the height of the circumstances. More than three hundred houses were burnt to the ground. Nothing but ashes remained, desperate home owners had to run for their lives in order to escape from the flames with what they had on their backs and nothing else. Some even saw their pets die in front of their eyes. Today, on March 17th some of the fires have been controlled thanks to the rain and the hard work of volunteers. Most of the people in these small towns live from what the Earth provides: cherries, berries, barley, hops, vegetables and by producing beer, among other things. All of this has been turned into flames, leaving them with no source of income. They have no access to essential services, such as water and electricity, which makes communication extremely difficult. Most importantly, Patagonia is a very cold place, autumn is right around the corner and these people were left without a roof to protect them from the harsh weather conditions in the approaching seasons. Three hundred families need to rebuild their homes and we need your help to achieve this. The motives that produced such a tragedy are still unknown, but we know that burnt land is exploitable land. We know that those who see land only as profit don’t care who gets in the way of their idea of progress. They don’t see these hectares as habitats, as native forests, as places where animals live, where people live. More information: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMQskzbggBe/?utm_s
What is Giveth
A Decentralized Altruistic Community using blockchain technology to make the world a better place.
We are an open, non-hierarchical global initiative - We empower communities with novel decentralized technologies to address their collective needs.
We build tools for the common good and support others in doing so as well. On the Giveth DApp, 100% of the funds donated go to the cause the donor intended to support.
We build tools that create strong bonds and alignment for people and the planet. We see donations as an opportunity to connect Givers to the people on the ground doing the good work.
How it works
Our system connects the people on the ground directly to the Givers, and provides a level of transparency and accountability no other platform can offer.
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