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The Giveth Community of Makers
Lauren Luz
What is Giveth?Giveth is a community focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology. Our intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem. Read more in our docs! What is Giveth.io?Giveth.io is the free, open-source, and decentralized application for peer-to-peer donations that you are using right now. 💜Giveth.io allows anyone to open crypto funding portals by creating projects for their for-good initiatives on our DApp. Donors can choose from a wide range of projects that run the gambit on for-good ventures - feeding the homeless, funding open-source software, saving the environment. Projects can be made in minutes, Donors can make contributions in seconds! Currently, Giveth.io is available on Ethereum Mainnet and xDai Network.How are donations being used?Donations such as yours are our primary source of funding and are deeply appreciated! Donations to Giveth.io will help our team continue to expand our community support and outreach, onboard more designers and developers, and fund the UI/UX overhauls coming soon to our DApps. Some of our main near-term goals are the integration of Giveth.io with our original DApp Giveth TRACE, and the launch of our new governance system using 1hive Gardens.FYI: Giveth.io is part of the Panvala League, so donations in $PAN earn donation matching thanks to Panvala!How can you get in touch?Your questions, suggestions and feedback are needed to guide the team in deciding what features and functionality to build next. Check out our Support Page and our Join Page for ways to contribute, learn or join our thriving community. Let us welcome you personally to the Future of Giving!
Raised: $44700
Last updated: 4 months ago
Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool
Kevin Owocki
The objective of this grant is to help us Grow & Sustain Open Source with Gitcoin Grants. Funds in this grant will be added to the matching pool for Round 11+, in a 3/6 multisig managed by GTC Governance Keyholders Austin Griffith, Linda Xie, Kevin Owocki, Kyle Weiss, Avsa
Raised: $9225
Last updated: 4 months ago
Unchain Fund
Alex Casas
Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists – open to everyone.With your support we can quickly raise and distribute money to the people of Ukraine – to where they need it the most.We are urgently raising funds for the support of the Ukrainian people - supporting effective NGO's doing work on the ground right now.These NGOs include:Voices of ChildrenVostok SOSProject C.U.R.EInternational Medical CorpsPeople In NeedPolish Centre for International AidWe are consulting with the community for further effective NGOs to support. These will be decided by the community.Our larger goal is to help Ukraine become the country it deserves to be: peaceful, successful, substantive, friendly, educated, and free.Let’s unchain the real power of blockchain for the good.Our goal is to break the chain of war and scatter its links far away from each other. So that they could never meet again.Our main method of fundraising is through the sale of NFTs. These can be purchased or you can make a simple donation.Important! We don’t raise money for weapons. We raise money for medicine, evacuation and repair needs, food and clothes. Our priority is to help civilians.Let’s break this chain together.FAQHow do I know funds will make it to the organizations listed?All donations garnered go to a multi-signature wallet before being distributed to our chosen effective organizations.Each signatory to this wallet are active in the larger cryptosphere and have made their wallet addresses public. All transactions are publicly readable on the blockchain here.Only after a majority of signatories sign a transaction can funds be moved. This is an extra measure of security against rugpulls and bad actors.How were the NGO's chosen?NGO's were chosen based on the following guidelines:1. Must be local, have history of working in Ukraine, or preparing for refugee support2. Must be focused on non-military aid3. Highly rated by Charity Watch and Charity Navigator, or strongly vetted4. Recently activeNGO's will still be decided by community vote.I have a question / how can I get involved?Join us on our Discord server here.
Raised: $44504
Last updated: 2 months ago
Bridging Digital Communities
Kay @geleeroyale
I run a bridge server for chats (Discord, Telegram, Riot, ...) and am actively engaging communities connected to the Ethereum space. Especially with the advent of newDAOs my services are being requested on a regular basis. Most requested at the moment is bridging between community servers on Discord (both communities get to share a room), whereas before it was mostly mirroring rooms between different protocols. Once a bridge is up, it still needs to be maintained and I regularly check that everything is in working order. I never charge for these services, but I do accept donations (all Ethereum tokens) Current list of bridged communities:GivethThe Commons StackMetagameHackalong1hiveethereum.orgbalancer.ioAragoncadCADToken EngineeringToken Engineering CommonssourcecredRaid GuildDappNodebrightIDMetafactorydOrgMaticConsensysPanvalaGitcoinYearnDAOHausKshazuDAO Book ClubMol Le ArtETHLatamShenaniganSeeing EarthBoson Protocol
Raised: $2661
Last updated: 13 days ago
Grassroots Economics Community Currency
Will Ruddick
Grassroots Economicsseeks to connect people to their own abundance by supporting them in creating their own Community Inclusion Currencies - which are blockchain based Vouchers backed by the goods and services of community groups in vulnerable communities in Kenya and growing to other countries.Our vision is of communities creating their own medium of exchange linked to local values and connected to other communities creating an emergent, healthy and decentralized economic system. Our work is also anchored in Syntropic Agroforestry as the basis for local economies and sustainable food production.We need help in testing, developing, integrating and maintaining open source software and documentation Please join us on our team and help us fund this really important work!Besides software development and support, we train organizations and communities around the world how to design, start and maintain community currencies - Your support also helps support new communities to develop their own programs.Contact us at info@grassecon.org
Raised: $18507
Last updated: 1 month ago
Diamante Bridge Collective
Diamante Bridge Collective
The Diamante Bridge Collective (DBC) is a network of land stewards, individuals, organizations and communities located primarily within the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica, expanding to include those from the greater Southern Zone of Costa Rica, and those abroad.The DBC functions as a hub of many physical nodes, connected via global networks of shared vision and mission with the goal of restoring, preserving and consciously stewarding surrounding lands and watersheds while living harmoniously within them in alignment with our planetary values.We work together to create collective foundational agreements and a local regenerative economy that includes digital currencies for the transparent and accountable recordkeeping of our exchanges.We are building bridges between individuals, communities and organizations, local and global cultures, property owners and skilled service providers in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica who are committed to working together long term to care for our bioregion, our neighbors, and ourselves. We also serve as a bridge, and an entry portal, for individuals looking to exit the industrial consumerist lifestyle, and return to regenerative practices and community living. Operating as a diverse network, we are in a unique position to be able to direct and connect individuals to communities which will best suit their needs, interests and passions.We value the transcendence of the old model of land “ownership”, choosing instead to “steward” lands. We are in the process of creating a legal foundation for the securing of land into trust or conservation, for the benefit of future generations.We embody the ethics and principles of permaculture in our personal and communal lives, whilst supporting and inspiring one another with honesty, clarity and authentic communication. We value family and community life, seeking to create village settlements that nurture optimal human development by most effortlessly meeting everyone's needs.We value open-sourced platforms of information storage so that our story may serve as a model to be shared with other collectives and put into action. Our governance model is Sociocracy, valuing the diversity of perspectives within our collective and ensuring space for all voices during decision making processes.DBC Education and culture sharing includes:Facilitating the Living Permaculture Mentorship Program, offering skill sets in Syntropic Agroforestry, Social Permaculture, Holistic Wellness, Permaculture Design Certificates, and Growing and Preserving Food (Campaign can be found by copy and pasting this link: https://trace.giveth.io/campaign/living-permaculture-mentorship-program)Hosting and collaborating on culture exchange and skill share eventsSupporting the rebirth of balanced Earth-People cultures through Visionary storytelling and integrated Indigenous ancestral wisdom Offering scholarships for youth leaders from economically disadvantaged communities.Creating multicultural and multilingual learning environments. Current Members within the DBCDiamante Luz Centre for Regenerative LivingH.O.M.E. (Heaven On Mother Earth) FarmLa Luz del BosquePerma VidaEARTHEART Living Permaculture Mentorship ProgramFinca MorphoFinca La PazFree The FoodKapi KapiDon Marcelino & the Bri Bri Indigenous Nation of Costa RicaVisionWe envision an interdependent network of healthy autonomous communities cultivating and nurturing a planetary paradise where everyone's needs are met and the prosperity of Earth is endowed to future generations.  MissionWe are inspiring planetary transformation by embodying regenerative lifestyles. We are generating experiential learning tools, skills, and capacities for the flourishing of personal, spiritual and environmental relationships.We are co-creating collective agreements for self-governance, economic exchange, resource sharing and common-land stewardship.We are facilitating the just redistribution of resources and power toward restoration of ecological wellness and social equity. We have adopted the Findhorn Values of:Spiritual PracticeServicePersonal GrowthIntegrityRespect OthersDirect Communication ReflectionFeedbackNon-violencePerspectiveCooperationPeace-keepingAgreementsCommitment
Raised: $40899
Last updated: 1 month ago

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Free The Food
Arthur and Devin
Street-side Syntropic . Free The Food plants street-side food systems and provides educational content to help others worldwide successfully implement these systems! Using Permaculture and Syntropic farming techniques, fruit trees, edible plants, and additional companion plants are combined to create a circular and regenerative food system. We empower people and communities around the world to plant their street-side with food!Why Street-side? . Strips of land between road and property fence lay bare and underutilized. The goal is to collaborate with landowner, gain free access, and convert these stretches of land into micro food forests. This provides the community with free food, spreads the knowledge of Syntropic farming, and saves landowner time and money.Why Syntropic? . It is one of the most successful and harmonious growing methods for rehabilitating land and growing food. Syntropic agriculture mimics the evolution of a forest and uses techniques to accelerate growth, generate biomass to build soil, and continuously remove CO2 from the air. This successional planting method is a permanent and evolving system that rebuilds ecosystems and provides food forever.We currently have 3 street-sides planted in Costa Rica with 2 more on the waiting list. We are currently seeking donations for Website Development, Videographer/Photographer, Tools, Seeds&Trees, Transportation, and Signs. We provide 100% transparency with donation allocation and use of funds. Thank you for your contributions to help heal soil, sequester carbon, and grow the decentralized food movement! Arthur & Devin syntropic@protonmail.com
Raised: $4437
Last updated: 8 days ago
RECenter the Resource Recycling Center San Salvador
Recycling Recenter Diamante Valley
Help us build a recycling center and create an Extruder Machine to transform “non-recyclable plastic” into a great building material : Wood plastic or Madera Plastica - - -Without a formal waste management system in place and limited information and options to recycle, residents of San Salvador are left to individual choices and practices; which is often in the form of illegal burning and dumping.After reaching success in creating two small scale projects for the Togethering and the local store Abues (see traces below), we are excited to expand and create a bigger recycling center for Diamante Valley.Our intention is to:● Spread awareness by educating locals on recycling, composting, reducing and...● Create recycling opportunities by receiving, storing and redirecting recyclables such as cardboard, glass, tetrapacks, aluminum and tin● Build an extruder machine so that we can locally repurpose plastics into building materials.On the following link you can see our machine being built, it will be ready in few weeks :https://youtube.com/shorts/B9enOV4-LpE?feature=shareThe great news is we have the land and local community support. Now all we need are financial contributions so that we may move forward and:Create parking for community accessibilityBuild a permanent structure to receive, store, redirect and repurpose recyclable materials.Build the extruder machine and the molds.Build a second structure to work with the extruder, the molds and cooling pool.Create and print educational materials- flyers, videos, signageStart up wages for two part-time individualsWe have goals to make this a self sustaining regenerative enterprise and will use profits from future membership and facility use fees, as well as "repurposed plastic" building supply sales. We believe our project can be an inspiration for communities and municipalities to follow. Make a financial contribution become a solution to the pollution ;)You can see the past success of the Resourcery Team at work on GivethTRACE as we have implemented two previous actions with great results: The Togethering Place Campaign, Create a Recycling Program (Phase 1, TTP) Trace, and Create a Recycling Center (Phase 2, Restaurant/Store) Trace.Our Extruder Machine being built in Perez Zeledon
Raised: $3404
Last updated: 4 days ago
Giveth Matching Pool
Lauren Luz
The Giveth Matching Pool is raising funds for future donation matching to verified projects on Giveth! It is a one-stop-shop for donors who want to ensure their donation has a broad impact.Our vision for the Future of Giving is a world in which giving is effortless and people are rewarded for making positive change. Give to donation.eth, make a difference for public goods, and get rewarded with GIVbacks.Donations to this project as well as funds sent directly to the donation.eth multisig on Mainnet or Gnosis Chain are eligible for GIVbacks. In both cases, 100% of the funds collected will be distributed to verified projects on Giveth. Note: only donations in tokens on the GIVbacks token list are eligible for GIVbacks.The donation.eth multisig is a 7/15 multisig managed by core Giveth team members. Once we have reached our goal of $500,000 we will begin to distribute the funds to verified projects on Giveth at the end of each 2-week donation round.The intention of the raise goal is to ensure we have enough funds to provide significant matching ($10-20k) every 2 weeks for a full year (26 total rounds). The exact details of how the donations will be distributed are to-be-determined. If you want to help us design the system for allocating these matching funds, please weigh-in with your comments in our forum. We’ll keep you posted with the results in project updates!Note: We are not matching funds to this project, we are using these funds to provide additional funding to other verified projects.
Raised: $12405
Last updated: 2 months ago
Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living
Diamante Luz
Diamante Luz is a space for integrated collaboration and cooperation with nature. Our residents, neighbors, and visitors have been drawn to the area in order to co-create a space for living and working in balance with all of our relations.As the first node of the Diamante Bridge Collective, we are passionate about the integration of permaculture and shared common land-based resources.We offer learning environments for ecological wellness and restoration so all ages can share knowledge and connect with the wisdom of this place.We provide spaces for things such as:Cultural centers for artisansProcessing kitchens for medicinal and food preparationsSyntropic food forests for food security Mentoring those passionate about becoming leaders of local food movements Environmentally responsible regenerative businessesAll whilst offering the space for personal development through community interaction.We are an evolving eco-village of nomadic co-creators at the beginning stages of development with many opportunities for regenerative investment for the benefit of future generations. The land itself has drawn us in with two majestic waterfalls of dramatically different characters, a spring that is in need of replenishment through reforestation efforts, and a three hectare section of land that we have set aside as protected forest and waterways. Much of our work takes place in transforming the ten hectares of pasture into a thriving live/work community with opportunities for collective and personal land stewardship. We are inspired to share our passions for clean water, healthy soil, clean air, and beautiful sustainable structures.Our beautiful onsite waterfall, who we lovingly call Abuela. Cleaning our waterways, and keeping them clean, is a core project within our collective. A snapshot from a cultural exchange event, held at Diamante Luz, with respected local Indigenous Elders. We shared food, gifts, stories, values and intentions. We continue to nurture these relationships in honor of our Indigenous wisdom keepers and for continued collaboration. 8th July 2021.The structure which houses the heart of our community - the sacred fire, the kitchen, and the gathering and sharing space. Currently our most solid structure on the land, and built with our own loving hands, and the help of many volunteers. So much takes place in this simple beautiful structure!Diamante Luz family sharing wholesome plant-based food at a community lunch. All the greens for our amazing salads come from the land!Our master Syntropic Permaculturist Travis Britzke out in the field, sharing his knowledge. We have planted more than 1000 plants and trees in the last 2 years at Diamante Luz. We are aiming for food sovereignty and food security! Our soils are rich for planting a wide biodiversity of edible species. We also share our knowledge of permaculture and planting through educational pursuits such as public Plant Walks, a Mentorship Program, and during our regular weekly Hands on the Land events. This is Travis teaching Syntropic farming in a Plant Walk in July 2021, at Diamante Luz.Wendy Planting a Syntropic Line!Diamante Luz Plant Nursery. Providing plants for our food forests, plus a regenerative enterprise that we can share, sell & trade with our neighbors, and other communities in the valley. Still in it's early stages and a current Trace on trace.giveth.io! Check it out here: https://trace.giveth.io/trace/plant-nursery-expansion;We value highly the sharing of our knowledge with the youth! Empowering those will become the stewards of our lands and our communities, in times to come. The youth, who are the key to positive transformation on our planet. We hold Sociocratic community meetings every Monday at Diamante Luz, upholding transparency in our decision making process and providing updates about the various aspects of our growing project! Each meeting starts with a "check-in", giving each person a chance to share with the group how they are feeling and what might be going on, on a personal level. This is part of how we look after each other, connect from the heart, and keep the communication channels open as we continue to build this new way of living together... a model we are constantly defining and creating as it unfolds before us. We value art, music, creativity and play! Seanny Ray on the accordion! Music with a view!Maps of our lands in progress. Diamante Luz is nestled inside the stunningly beautiful, rich and green Diamante Valley. Our beloved river flowing from Abuela.
Raised: $62071
Last updated: 1 month ago
Bloom Network
Bloom Network
What? Bloom Network is an international community of people and projects creating and nurturing regenerative cultures to permanence. Local Bloom hubs around the world grow participation in practices such as food security, local economies, celebrations of diversity, and art as cultural transformation. http://www.bloomnetwork.org Where and Who?There are 16 local Blooms in 7 countries on 4 continents, and we estimate there are approximately 30,000 people involved on the ground. Our participants include farmers, creatives, Indigenous leaders, and professionals who are working together in coalitions. Why?Why are we doing this? There are tens of thousands of initiatives solving major social and environmental problems, who are excluded from mainstream media and institutional finance because the way they work is naturally collaborative and polycentric. Now that Web3 is useable enough by a non-technical audience, we will implement a membership model to support grassroots organizing on an ongoing basis.MilestonesYour contributions to this project will go toward these milestones:+ Complete a "Regenerative Actions Ticker" on our homepage, to document and reward actions like planting food forests, hosting a CryptoParty, or teaching a class on restorative justice.+ Launch our "Call to Bloom" to help 100+ local Blooms get started as centers of regenerative action in their cities.+ Implement MyMeta, a profile system on Ceramic built by our friends at MetaGame, for an open, portable profiles system that can work across different websites. + Code DAO templates that local Bloom chapters can use to fund the coordination labor of actions such as regional food security, policy development, mutual aid, and startups that generate ongoing financial stability.
Raised: $17563
Last updated: 22 days ago
Colorado Multiversity
Ronny Castillo
Fundación Madre Tierra Verde (FMTV) aims to contribute to Costa Rica's transition to a green and intelligent society paradigm, following the guidelines of the National Climate Change Strategy (ENCC) and the Decarbonization Plan, through the guidance, advice and equipment of companies, organizations, communities, and governments. Based on the climate change agenda, we focus on the following axes of work: capacity building and technology transfer, financing, public awareness, and culture creation.The Colorado Multiversity project is an initiative that seeks to create an academic and research space with a methodology focused on people and their interaction with the environment, with partnerships and collaborations with projects, organizations and initiatives that feed on content to be able to train and empower communities on issues that benefit the Sustainable Development Goals.The multiversity campus consists of more than 1000 Ha at the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge in Pococí, Limón, at the North Caribean of Costa Rica, and at the outset will have facilities to accommodate up to 50 students, starting with the Disaster Care program in conjunction with Refuge Project, the Citizen Innovation Laboratory in conjunction with SIFAIS Lab and the Precision Agriculture Training Center , in addition to the Volunteering Programs with universities in the United States and Europe and the Community Precious Plastic Collection Center.This project is supported by the Spanish Cooperation, Gaia Gives, SDG Impact Fund, the United Nations International Organization for Migration. The need for capital is to start the infrastructure development project while reaching the necessary progress to receive the contributions of international cooperation and starting to operate with the first programs in June 2021.Next, we share a video that we prepare to better illustrate what the project is about.http://therefugeproject.org/
Raised: $98582
Last updated: 7 days ago
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