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What is Giveth A Decentralized Altruistic Community using blockchain technology to make the world a better place.
DecentralizedWe are an open, non-hierarchical global initiative - We empower communities with novel decentralized technologies to address their collective needs.
AltruisticWe build tools for the common good and support others in doing so as well. On the Giveth DApp, 100% of the funds donated go to the cause the donor intended to support.
CommunityWe build tools that create strong bonds and alignment for people and the planet. We see donations as an opportunity to connect Givers to the people on the ground doing the good work.
How it worksOur system connects the people on the ground directly to the Givers, and provides a level of transparency and accountability no other platform can offer.
For MakersCreate a project and get donations in crypto. Create your project and start raising funds.
For GiversUse our platform to give donations to a cause or a project. Easily donate to the project you most care about.
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