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We support new ideas and push for community approaches to problem solving.

Many projects are being developed out of Social Coding, to get in touch, best join us via Riot:

Our community is also labeled as the Giveth DAC, which means ‘Decentralized Altruistic Community.’

We use our network of communication to push certain layer 2 advancements for the blockchain ecosystem via meetups, conferences and unconferences - past and ongoing initiatives are:

  • ScalingNOW!
  • BlockchainExplorersNOW!
  • DecentralizationNOW!

DAO community building

Decentralized identity management solution

Ethereum Signal Aggregator

discussion and action

hacker community space and camp

open source space agency

Decentralized Hackathon

verification via trust circles

Blockchain powered,

decentralized applications

Giveth DApp

Giveth Donation Application (BETA)

Giveth is re-engineering charitable giving, by creating an entirely free, open-source platform, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our system cuts out bureaucracy and enables makers to create a high level of transparency and accountability towards Givers. For example: At any point until the moment funds are locked, a Giver can decide to withdraw them.


Your personalized node for the decentralized web

DAppNode is a tool that allows people to host decentralized apps in a truly decentralized way, eliminating the reliance on vulnerable third party vendors and adding an extra layer of incentivization that will spread adoption of the blockchain ecosystem.

Our Community

of digitally sovereign Unicorns

Flat hierarchy

with Holacratic Circles

We are forking operational guidelines off the concepts of Holacracy and Meritocracy and develop tools that enable to put these concepts into a cryptoeconomic context.

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Giveth DAC

Altruistic community values

DAC stands for (Decentralized Altruistic Community) - We are a community-led project that believes in people first, hence the term altruistic. The community strives to model the DAC concept as one of the first non-profit blockchain based entities. Life presents itself in colorful shades, not black and white and so we present not one manifesto, but a collection of impressions from many voices thinking alike.

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Distributed teams

need distributed tools

Although we try to meet in person too, the most important aspect of running interconnected teams whose members are scattered around the globe comes down to the tools at our disposal. We always try to find the most open and expandable software tools to improve our organizational capability.

When we are looking at available software for organization, open-source comes first, usability second. Sometimes we have to make our own tool or most likely expand on the work previously done by others. Explore our world-readable logs on Youtube, our Wiki and the Chat - It should give you a good impression of who we are and what we are working on.


Discussions and polls on Loomio


Our chat-rooms on



Transparent tracking of spending on our own Donation Application

Unicorn Love

Our smart contracts are being used widely in the Ethereum community,

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