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EVMcrispr is a tool that simplifies interacting with smart contracts on EVM-compatible chains. It allows users to send transactions using intuitive, UNIX-like commands, making it easier to write complete scripts that encode complex transactions. This comprehensive tool can be used to improve almost all day-to-day blockchain operations, such as:Creating more efficient Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) votes.Launching DAOs and managing their configuration.Performing DeFi strategies.Running simulations on drafted on-chain actions.Creating, sending and managing tokens.EVMcrispr effectively reduces the technical hurdles for web3 users to engage and carry out complex tasks using smart contracts. For instance, our domain-specific language is handy for expressing and transforming transaction data. In addition, we can combine different commands, so we can insert the command for managing Superfluid flows within the command to make an Aragon DAO vote or the command of sending a Giveth donation within the command to bridge tokens to the Gnosis Chain.It feels like modifying DNA when changing many parameters of a DAO all at once or when performing complex deployments that we must do in one transaction. EVMcrispr is the smart-contract gene-editing tool that has reduced the cost of operating DAOs and other blockchain protocols by orders of magnitude.It has been used by organizations such as Curve, Aragon, NFTX, 1Hive, Giveth, TECommons, BrightId and Agave to conduct complex votes within their DAOs.The tool has a terminal-like interface but clear documentation with many examples, making it easy to start.By supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of EVMcrispr, Giveth donors can help to advance cutting edge blockchain technology and to enable the creation of more powerful and practical applications on EVM-based networks, such as Ethereum Mainnet and Gnosis Chain.You can find the source code in this 1hive repository under the GPLv3 license.
Raised: $2,379.775


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