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Dappnode is a free and open source platform that allows anyone to easily deploy and run decentralized applications (DApps) and validators. By donating to Dappnode, you are supporting the development of a better user experience for the web3 ecosystem and helping to decentralize networks.The dappnode software is completely free, and more than 4000 validators in Ethereum use it to maintain their nodes running and up-to-date. Dappnode doesn't, and can't, charge anything for it because it's built with self-sovereignty and privacy by design.Currently, our focus is in lowering the capital requirement for validating PoS networks and Ethereum in particular so we bridge not only the technical gap, but also the economic gap to participate in the ownership and upside of decentralized tech.Your donations will directly impact the continued development and improvement of Dappnode, allowing us to create new features and enhancements that make it easier for users to access and use DApps. This in turn will help to further decentralize the Ethereum network and promote the use of decentralized technologies.In our quest for better User Experience in the web3 ecosystem, we've created a wealth of Open Source tools that any project can use.Keymanger API: We coordinated client implementers and stakeholders to standardize the way keys are managed between different pieces of software.Keymanager UI - a front-end that uses the Keymanager API to connect to any validator implementation and web3signer.And of course, Dappnode is completely open source too! Here's a demonstration of how easy it is to deploy all the software for running a validator:
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