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Pairwise - Simplifying Choices Amplifying Voices
Who? Pairwise is a project built by General Magic with a lot of support from rockstar DAO OGs.@thegrifft - Product Owner. Top 10 Arbitrum Delegate. Co-founder of Giveth, Commons Stack, General Magic, Dappnode, and more. Been DAOing in Ethereum since 2015.@moe_nick - Product Manager. Products & Fintech Enthusiast. Product Manager, ex-MyDigipay, ex-Tadbirpardaz, ex- Finnotech@ZeptimusQ - Marketing - Transparency and accountability advocate. A passionate representative focused on decentralized governance.@markoprljic - Design lead - Head of Design and Business Developer at General Magic. “Magic Marko” is a top notch designer and has been practicing his art on web2 and web3 projects for over a decade.@Mahdi - Mahdi was crucial in developing Pairwise for Optimism, expertly handling both the algorithm and backend, and contributing significantly to frontend enhancements.What? Say goodbye to endless forum scrolling and hello to easy, efficient and fun community signaling with Pairwise! Our open-source, snapshot-style voting dapp, based on the big brain algorithm research out of Colony in 2018, offers a fast-paced and intuitive experience, perfect for the next generation of DAOs. Join us in revolutionizing governance with the power of algorithms and give your community a fun way to engage in governance, as opposed to boring old voting.Why? Current voting mechanisms provide poor user experience and require a high cognitive overhead leading to intense voter apathy. As an ecosystem, we expect community members to spend a lot of time reading forum posts and have designed our tooling around this expectation. This will not scale. Where? Pairwise will be a public good for the Web3 ecosystem. It will be implemented as a DApp with its own frontend and backend, and can be used in various contexts, such as community governance or project funding, with custom frontends. Pairwise voting will be compatible with all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains and the development will be fully open source, and will also include documentation for developers who want to use the system in their own projects.How? Our project is structured into five main milestones, each focusing on a specific aspect of the ecosystem. These range from initial platform development and integration to creating a mechanism for incentivizing voting and enhancing voting interfaces.When? Our first milestone is targeted at 2.5 months post-initiation, contingent on securing our initial 40k funding mark. We're pretty close, and with your backing, we're confident we'll get there in no time. So, let's buckle up and get ready for this exciting ride. Here's our roadmap for the journey ahead.Grants received so farGrants received so farENS Small grant Public Goods round 5 ( 1 ETH )ENS Small grant Public Goods round 7 ( 1 ETH )ENS Small grant Public Goods round 9 ( 1 ETH )ENS Small grant Public Goods round 10 ( 0.3 ETH )Gitcoin (1.5k USD )Gitcoin ARB round (5k ARB+390UDSC)Octant Epoch 2 (6.05 ETH)Octant Epoch 3 (7.98 ETH)Optimisms RPGF 2 ( 7805.18 OP )Optimisms RPGF 3 (96,809.50 OP )Optimisms grant ( 95K OP )The allocated funds are not intended for this specific roadmap. However, elements of the operational proposal could potentially be repurposed, thereby conserving resources within the overall budget.Dorahacks (0.64118904 BNB + 1000 USDT )Product FeaturesMake your own community spaceMake your own Pairwise votesAdd options Add a questionExtremely simple UXMultichain supportPairvise v1
Raised: $1,032.39


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