Use GIV to boost projects to new heights!
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Boost Projects with GIVpower

Support verified projects using “Boost”. Projects backed by GIVpower will benefit from matching funds & more GIVbacks for their donors.
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How does GIVpower work?

With GIVpower, you can support verified projects, while earning rewards on your GIV.
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Stake & lock GIV

Stake & lock GIV to get GIVpower.

Boost Projects

Boost your favourite projects to help them rise through the ranks.
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Earn a Yield

The longer you lock, the greater your rewards.

Win-win for GIVers & Projects

For GIVers

Stake GIV to get GIVpower & earn rewards.
Lock your GIV to increase your rewards multiplier.
Soon: Donate to top-ranked projects to get extra GIVbacks.

Stake GIV

For Projects

Soon: Fire up your community to use GIVpower & help improve your rank.
The higher your rank, the more GIVbacks your donors will receive.
Top-ranked projects will eventually get funding from the Giveth Matching Pool.

Coming Soon

Stake GIV to get GIVpower

Lock your GIV to increase your multiplier.