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Earn rewards for every video you create for FreeWe believe that every creator deserves to be rewarded.Start ZIKTALK today and begin earning.Our missionTo connect the world and to rewardthose who play a part in doing so.Reward systemFor every like, comment, and follow you get, you receive ZIK tokens. These tokens can be converted to cash.Ziktalk 2.0 RewardsSign-up Mining: 50 ZIK sign-up rewards for everyoneReferral Mining: 25 ZIK per friend who signs up (you will be rewarded for up to10 friends).Creator Mining: Creators earn 5 ZIK for every 60 seconds their videos are watched. Creators can earn up to 50 ZIK per day.Viewer Mining: Users who view content on Ziktalk earn 1 ZIK for every 60 seconds watched. Viewers can earn up to 10 ZIK per day.Followers: 3 ZIK for each followerComment : 2 ZIK for each commentLikes : 1 ZIK for each like receivedZiktalk 2.0 FeesCreating a genesis video (main video): Free (1 video per hour)Creating a comment video: 2 ZIK paid to the genesis videoLiking a video: 1 ZIK paid to the video creatorFollowing a user: 3 ZIK paid to the person you followWithdrawal Fee: 5% of total withdrawal amountWithdrawal Minimum: 300 ZIK
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