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introduction: Many people suffer from Alzheimer's, ADHD, depression, Parkinson's, etc., since brain disorders are on the increase in the modern day.Large volumes of data based on biosignals are required by researchers working on therapies for various disorders.Targeted data collection is a global challenge and a barrier in the Neurotechnology ecosystem.Zarela tackles this issue by enabling researchers to collect data more rapidly and cheaply in order to help individuals enhance their longevity and quality of life.Zarela is a free, borderless, open-source platform built upon the Ethereum Blockchain Network for collecting and delivering human bio-signals to researchers and entities demanding bio-signal data.People suffering from ADHD, depression, sleep disorders, and other conditions can contribute anonymously to the Zarela dApp and send their biosignals to earn Biobit tokens (ERC20) using the Proof of Contribution mechanism.In addition to gaining money by providing Biosignals to researchers on a peer-to-peer basis, they contribute to the development of medicinal treatments, applications, and games.Zarela's team launched this project on September 26, 2021, with the conviction and solid belief that the open source community can contribute to the creation of a world free of brain disorders. Zarela Technical Solution Zarela’s Smart Contract (ZSC) is written in Solidity programming language and it follows the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain. ZSC source code is accessible on the Zarela’sGitHub page and available under MIT license.Zarela details are described in Whitepaper completely.Zarela dApp: The Zarela dApp is now accessible at link , where researchers may make their requests, and hubs and contributors who are eligible to participate will provide their data to them. What do we need grant for: Zarela has been created by a founders fund up to this point, and the infrastructure is complete. We require funding to grow Zarela community in several locations such as Turkey, South Africa, and South America.Q3 2022 Updates:Due to our goal of expanding the Zarela community during the last 3 months, we have done the following activities:Participating in the "ME+ Brain Initiative Summit" at Uskudar University, Istanbul (July 1-3, 2022) and inviting 30 Neuroscientists to Zarela community.Collaboration and partnership with 3 Neuroscience hubs in Portugal and Netherland (DCG Lab, Maxpromed, High Performance Brain)Collaboration with the "Nova Blockchain Club" in Lisbon, PortugalCollaboration with the "Blockdojo community" in London, UK.Q4 2022 Updates: Zarela was accepted in Cohort 3 of "Satoshi Blockdojo community" in London, UK.1 New request submitted on Zarela platform titled "Normative EEG database of people aged 25 to 30".The first request on Zarela "User Authentication using Brain Signals" is completed. 50 people around the world went to the Neuroscience labs and then share the collected EEG signals.  
Raised: $119.209

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