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Who is Wild Sherpas DAO?Wild Sherpas DAO is a dedicated community bridging the digital and physical realms of the crypto world. We're passionate about introducing web3 to India's vast potential user base and fostering a vibrant crypto community.What do we offer?A foundational hub for crypto education and onboarding.An envisioned facility featuring Ethereum logo-inspired cottages for remote workers.A Grand Hall for larger community events and gatherings.A platform supporting artists, connecting them with mentors and potential collectors.NFT-based membership tiers benefiting Gitcoin, Giveth, and Protocol Guild.Why are we doing this?To accelerate crypto adoption in India, inspire businesses to adopt regenerative ethos, and fund public goods. We believe in transparent, decentralized, and community-driven initiatives that drive meaningful impact.Where will this take place?Our existing property, with a seven-year track record, will continue to serve as the primary hub. We also envision a new facility in the same region known for its favorable climate and unique landscape.How will we achieve our goals?By leveraging our existing property for educational events.Through the construction of a new facility designed to resemble the Ethereum logo.By integrating leading protocols, running Ethereum nodes, and offering a Dex widget, a customized NFT platform, and on-ramps.By connecting artists, job seekers, and entrepreneurs through programs like hackathons and mentorship opportunities.When will this happen?While our current property is already operational and hosting events, the envisioned new facility is a future project. Our immediate focus is on crypto education, onboarding, and community-building. The timeline for the new facility will be determined based on funding, regulatory clarity, and community engagement.Challenges:Creating a DAO with a physical property is pioneering, especially in regions with nascent DAO regulations. Our budget of $400,000, devoid of VC backing, includes the capital investment for the new IRL hub. With guidance from esteemed DAO advisors, we're navigating challenges with resilience and are poised to make a transformative impact.
Raised: $10.039


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