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Whispers Magical Childrens Hospital and Maternity
Whisper is a high-impact charity, registered in the UK and Czech Republic, that runs a children’s hospital and a maternity unit in Jinja, Uganda. The Whisper hospital is a happy, caring, child-friendly place providing high-quality healthcare. Whisper provides full medical cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this allows many lives to be saved.The average cost in donated funds of treating a patient is around $27; this average includes inpatients, some of whom stay for weeks. We estimate that we save a life that would not otherwise have been saved for around every $359 in donated funds. These calculations are explained here.You can see in detail some of the work we do day to day on the DonorSee platform here. US donors can give tax-efficiently on GlobalGiving here; both those platforms are currently fiat only, sorry!Website: http://www.whisperorphans.orgFacebook:
Raised: $2,430.197

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