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Web3beach accelerating web3 adoption in LatAm
Most people think web3 is about speculating on tokens to grow your capital. This causes people in communities where web3 education and adoption is most needed and has most potential for impact to overlook the tech's potential. We're onboarding people to web3 through "Impact Onboarding"; social and environmental impact events that make a tangible difference in our community.October 2023 UPDATE:I'm excited to share that web3beach has expanded activities to Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Kenya and more countries soon!We continue onboarding rural communities through social and environmental impact, but also offer many other services including sponsored therapy sessions for public goods builders.Services already being offered to our communityDiversity, Equity, Inclusion - We are creating adoption in historically marginalized communities, empowering these communities to participate in the web3 ecosystem and benefit from their work in public goods.Mental Health services Offering therapy for Honduran buidlers having difficulties during these market conditionsKids web3 education Reading nights with families and art sessions that get turned into NFTsEnvironmental Impact Weekly "Impact Onboarding" beach clean upsSocial Impact Training local teachers in Emergency First Response because we don't have hospitals or ambulances on our island:Mini Grants ProgramGrantees must have participated in previous social and environmental impact events to apply for their own Public Goods initiatives on the islandProgram Expansions We have plans to expand our programs to neighboring islands and mainland Honduras. We're confident this project can help protect the environment while improving the quality of life for many. Ultimately we'd like to create a model anyone can copy and paste anywhere in the world to benefit their local environment, economy, and the lives of their community.
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