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Web3 Warri Nigeria is a group of (and for) blockchain developers, creators, technical writers, open-source contributors, and tech enthusiasts interested in building the next generation of the internet through collaborative learning, meetups, workshops, and conferences.We are passionate and excited about the core philosophies of Web 3.0 - which include:DecentralizationPermissionlessTrustlessCrytoeconomics/native payments via cryptocurrency.We hope to use this community to onboard more developers into web3 and are set to hit a 200 membership strength by the end of 2023.GoalsOur goal is to build the next generation of the Internet - web3, by onboarding developers into blockchain and smart contract developers through workshops, meetups, hackathons, and conferences.Receiving the grant will help us as a community in achieving our goal of building the next generation of the internet leading to the growth of Polygon and the larger web3 ecosystem.
Raised: $329.32


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