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We The Medicine - Healing The Warriors Soul
We The Medicine are passionate about empowerment & Change. We are now officially a partner with our fiscal sponsor, sierra nonprofit a 501c3 based in California.We are currently raising funds to bring ex-military & first responders suffering from PTSD and debilitating psychological issues to Costa Rica to learn new empowerment tools and techniques. Wanna know more? Watch this short 3-minute April 2023, deep in the valley of Costa Rica. we will embark on an 8-day retreat which will be part of a 3-month healing and integration program to help deal with deep complex trauma & PTSD. Click here to watch the testimonial of Chris, a former fighter pilot that attended last April's retreat. Chris had a truly transformational experience and even recorded a podcast to tell the story of how the retreat, the medicine & the program, practically saved his life, you can listen to Chris's fascinating story by clicking here We are in talks to raise ($60k) the funds needed to cover the full retreat for 15-20 ex-military & first responders. Also to note, we have been approached by a production company to film the hero's journey that could potentially go out to Netflix, amazing prime, or Disney.One of the tools we teach is The Havening technique, a revolutionary psycho-sensory healing modality that de-potentiates traumatically encoded memories in the amygdala. Here are some videos from some of our clients to whom we have been offering these tools click here You can also read about the science behind this technique by clicking here Our vision is to empower people with modern neuroscience healing modalities to remember that they are the medicine needed to heal themselves. I am a product of my own environment having had substantial trauma in my early years, after seeking help and having extensive therapy, I became a practitioner of NLP, timeline therapy, hypnosis, and the havening psycho sensory trauma modality.PTSD, fear, depression & anxiety are prevalent in today's society. With these simple and effective techniques, we can teach people how to remove unwanted emotions with just one session as has been proved time & time again.Since arriving back in November 2020 we have traveled the whole country doing our work in various communities and retreats. We are a small team of individuals who have a strong desire & drive to empower & educate human beings from all walks of life. As a partner to the non-profit organization, we are now in a position to receive the financial support needed as all donations are FULLY tax deductible passionate about transforming and educating people on activating their own unique healing mechanisms.Our World is changing and we need to seek new skills, narratives, and connections to flourish and protect our home, planet earth.Thank you so much n advance :))David & Janine
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