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Zimbabwe is a country facing severe challenges in the area of food security due both to political and environmental factors as well as widespread poverty. The rural areas are especially vulnerable as they are far from central aid, and the children are as always the most vulnerable of all. Lack of food during our developmental years has effects beyond going to bed hungry. A lack of nutrients does not only negatively impact ones mental capacity and bodily development in the short term, but it can also have quite dire consequences in the longer term. If we are to have a future at all, it is the young who must receive the most of our attention and energy for it is not only they who must take on the task of creating a better tomorrow, they are the ones who will be around to experience it. Vukani, which means "Wake up" is a pilot project that aims to wake people up to the fact that local, sustainable farming is the only reliable path forward in an increasingly unstable world. The goal of the project is to grow food for the local school children, providing them with the nutrients they will need to develop their bodies and minds. If the project works, we will replicate it with a number of rural schools in Zimbabwe, in Africa and across the globe.

 The project initiated in 2019 where we dug a borehole but we now need the funds to pump and distribute the water and create a solar-powered irrigation system before the dry season that starts in April, as well as funds to seed, tend and harvest.
Raised: $976.174


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