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Vivero is a Participatory Giving Trust and Endowment
Vivero is a participatory giving trust and functional concept application developed in collaboration with the Earth Regenerators, Possible Planet, and Serve.You can join the app and participate at https://vivero.appIn daily life, a Vivero is a tree or plant nursery where fragile seedlings and cuttings are propagated, protected, and nurtured until they are ready to be planted in their final habitat.In the Earth Regenerators network, Vivero serves as a community-funded treasury, enabling participatory budgeting and community-led giving and grantmaking toward individuals, fellowships, projects, and social enterprises.In 2021, the Earth Regenerators Fund was formed to do fundraising, participatory budgeting, and allocate grants. It's led us to understand what works, partner with a non-profit organization, Possible Planet, and resulted in the co-creation of Vivero – a new app to enable collective fund accounting and some social features to support and direct regenerative projects.What is the Earth Regenerators network?The Earth Regenerators network is an online community, rooted in the care and stewardship of Earth, working toward a global network of bioregional learning centers - what we lovingly call Ecoversities.How is it operating?As a legal structure and a fund, Vivero is a fiscal sponsorship of Possible Planet, a New Jersey registered 501(c)(3) organization focused on ecological stewardship and community resilience building, offering fiat donors in the United States potential tax deductions.How is it constructed?Vivero was built in collaboration with Serve Commons PBC, a public benefit company based in North Carolina, focused on trust technologies for community finance. Similar to a DAO, but built with "Web2" technologies, Serve helped construct Vivero as a desktop and mobile app (built with Glide) to organize the community around focus areas, nominate potential beneficiaries, and keep track of accounting for the fund. Contributions to the shared treasury are facilitated by Stripe and OpenCollective and integrated into the application for transparency. As fiscal host, Possible Planet acts as trustee, managing funds on behalf of the Earth Regenerators network.How is Vivero a crypto endowment?What makes Vivero unique is its relationship to digital tokens (also called cryptocurrencies). By leveraging a community investment (staking) position as a ground layer for our grantmaking pool and community treasury, we are able to recreate the dynamics of an endowment fund, which typically relies on public market investments to grow capital. It is this dynamic that allows Vivero to be regenerative - growing within and alongside the crypto-economic systems through reciprocity and the creation of mutual benefits.By offering a fiat onboarding via Stripe, and directing contributions (in part) to a crypto-backed treasury, we are able to expand web3 benefits to an audience that may have otherwise never heard of crypto, opening the door to curiosity.As a crypto-native treasury, Vivero grows through the collection, re-stake, and eventual gift of tokens. Currently, we are using the $REGEN token, on the Cosmos network, and of course $GIV.Learn more about Vivero from the Earth Regenerators at
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