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Venture Miner AcademyVenture Miner Academy is an education branch that aims to foster the development of new Web3 and AI talents around the world.We believe that technology we use is a reflect of the minds that built it, and thus we aim to deliver proper technical education for contributing in shaping a better future for those industries.Free bootcamps for onboarding Web2 devs to Web3 🚀Our Bootcamps have trained more than 1000 Web3 in the last 2 years, and some of these talents have built amazing projects, won hackathons, got employed in big protocols and are contributing to the future of Web3 protocols.This year we have started participating in hackathons around the globe to prepare local students to participate and build with more confidence. Our first prototype was before ETHGlobal Lisbon, where we enabled 14 Portuguese students to properly participate in the event:2 groups of students that never coded with Solidity nor Chainlink in their lives could win prizes at the event 🔥3 projects kept building after the bootcamp 🕶2 students got a job in web3 projects 💼We're looking for funds to participate in more and more events, teaching more local students and communities to code with Web3 tools and protocols.Also, we're planning to start AI bootcamps in Q4 2023 if all goes well 🙌More info on
Raised: $86.307


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