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About the Trusted SeedTrusted Seed is a global network of trusted actors who apply wisdom, expertise, and capital to early-stage web3 Commons committed to creating regenerative economies for public goods. What is the Trusted Seed Unconference?In September 2022, we participated in a gathering of researchers, community stewards, and web3 founders at Crypto Commons Hub to discuss the future of commons. Our vision, Protopia, focused on our ability to collaborate internally and connect externally. We drew inspiration from Burning Man's Playa as a model for the type of interactions we hope to foster and embraced Metamodernism as a guiding philosophy.We recognize the critical role of stewards in bringing our vision to life, and we believe that now is the ideal time to invest in the leadership development of web3 stewards. With support from the angels in our ecosystem, we aim to nurture and empower future leaders who can help bring about a Protopian world.That's why we have launched the Trusted Seed Unconference, providing a space for web3 stewards to come together, learn from one another, and support each other's growth. We are committed to fostering a community of servant leaders, facilitators, HR personnel, coaches, and community managers who can help bring our vision of Protopia to fruition. We are excited about the potential of our vision and have plans to organize more Unconferences in the future, providing more opportunities for web3 stewards to come together, build relationships, and continue their professional development.What are the objectives of the Unconference?🌱 Build connections and partnerships between stewards and organizations in our ecosystem🌱 Help stewards learn new tools and build or improve their skills🌱 Nurture a sense of belonging and form a shared identity in our community🌱 Provide inspiration and emotional supportWhat are the benefits for DAO and community stewards?✔️ Meet +100 Unconference peers✔️ Learn, connect, and grow✔️ Access to a reputable community✔️ Skills development✔️ Potential working opportunities✔️ A feature and feedback on work, projects and ideas✔️ Emotional and intellectual support with your web3 challenges✔️ Potential access to funding opportunities in select Impact DAOsWhat’s on the agenda?📋 Webinars and workshops – propose any session and activity around the chosen theme📋 Networking – we’ll have some mixers and activities to boost connections📋 Project Showcase – pitch projects and get feedback📋 Reading sessions – read and discuss relevant books or articles with a groupWho’s invited?🤝 Public good foundations (e.g. Wikimedia, Ethereum, P2P Foundation)🤝 Communities & hubs (e.g. CryptoCommons, AKASHA, Decentralized Science)🤝 ReFi projects (e.g. VitaDAO, Grassroots Economics, ReFi Summer)🤝 Academia (e.g ETH Zurich, Stanford, RadicalxChange)🤝 Web3 service providers (e.g. Opolis, BrightID, Aragon Network)🤝 Web3 developers (e.g. BlockScience, Curve Labs, General Magic)How do we do it?Registration is OPEN to web3 stewards and angels. Anyone can propose and lead an activity/event, or register themselves as a participant or sponsor/donor. We will collaboratively build the agenda based on the registration results (e.g. skills gaps, shared topics and proposed activities).The Trusted Seed Gardeners will help in organizing, coordinating and promoting each activity or event. Individual invitations will be sent to those who signed up for the Unconference.Activities, events and sessions can be held in a two-week timeframe, but we’ll be flexible based on the needs and preferences of our participants. These sessions may be recorded and documented.After every Unconference, we will do a retrospective to assess your experience and what we may improve in the future. We will also document the lessons and insights from the event into a comprehensive report and distribute it as a public learning resource.
Raised: $38,905.9

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