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The Yagazie Foundation YES Camp Initiative
Short Story about Yagazie FoundationYagazie Foundation is an organization that cares for the younger generations; we use one of our capability platforms (The YES Camp) to provide the teens with the tranquillity of open space in our Educative project, which features fun, excitement, a safe environment, and learning through a wide range of social activities that promote “can do” attitude that can help enhance their confidence and cognition.The Yagazie Foundation YES Camp is a continual project which will always be an opportunity for them to express their feelings, hopes, and frustrations and give them a chance to develop their cognition and other skills they need, such as STEM, critical thinking, problem-solving, team works, financial literacy, voluntary work, listening.  The Reason for this CrowdfundingThe funds will enable us to host a successful YES Camp Project that will take advantage of Literary, Social, Numerical, Arts, Cultural, Painting, and Sporting activities. The landscape is hinged to be a learning environment and a safe space for learning, development, and interaction.The children will benefit from this project which will help them to fill their time and get out from their exposure to ongoing scenes/acts of violence and psychological harm that hurt their physical and mental well-being, making them relevant to themselves, their families, and communities. As a stakeholder in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I assure you that this will be a well-nurtured partnership that would benefit unreached communities in Nigeria in conformity to the SDGs. Thanks for your help and support for Yagazie Foundation Yes Camp!Learn more about how the Yagazie Foundation Allies with the Sustainable Development GoalsImpact Report Yagazie Yes Camp 1:
Raised: $103.99

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