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Territorial Regeneration in Barichara Colombia
We are hard at work regenerating an entire bioregional territory in Barichara, Colombia. Check out our website to get a better feel for how things have progressed so far. The project I share here is for one key piece of the bigger puzzle -- we want to raise $15,000 to set up a learning center that focuses on the transformation of food, healing of cultural traumas, and cultivation of leadership among women in the community.Some of you may know that we recently raised $120,000 equivalent in Ethereum to begin negotiations for the purchase of a strategic piece of land. The mission for that effort is to restore native forest, bring a dead river back to life, and do so by establishing it as the future home of Barichara Ecoversity. This project is a key step in the process to establish the ecoversity.We have an amazing woman in our village named Margarita. For years now, she has been a weaver of community whose work has focused on cultural healing through the transformation of food. She is poised to establish a learning center that works with a diversity of campesino groups throughout the region with a special focus on the empowerment of women.We want to give her and her team the ability to devote a full year to the incubation of this new learning center that grows out of many years establishing trust and collaborating with a lot of diverse people. Can you help us make this a success?
Raised: $2,738.006


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