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AboutOur mission is to foster social cohesion and long-term thinking, so we can transition from the logic of competition to the logic of collaboration.We will achieve this with a compounding web of trust and care that is created through the recording of authentic conversations between neighbors, and which lays the foundations for the following:A citizen-led global basic income.A debit card for all humans that enables them to receive donations and make contactless payments in all shops.A system to continuously verify the identity of people without official documents or proof-of-address.---Website we areJuan Diosdado is a creator of experiences, images, and stories. Shared narratives cultivator. Holistic designer. Perpetual learner. Social dreamer. Writer-director interested in the power of narratives to touch the emotional fiber of individuals and drive social change.Pauline de Mortain is a self-taught creator with a growth-mindset who's always searching for new narratives. She contributes to DAOs with her multiple creation skills. She is currently learning to become a Web3 developer. She wants to create the future, not predict it.We are both currently learning to code in Solidity, Svelte, and Swift, but to be honest, we could use some help.---What we are looking for<Follow / Contribute / Donate>Our open roles:🌱 Community Gardeners🧑🏻‍🎨 Content Creators👲 Data Scientists💸 Fundraising Champions🧘🏻‍♀️&nbsp;Human-Centered Designers (Figma)👨‍🏫 Learning Facilitators👩‍⚖️ Legal Warriors💌 Message Distillers🕵️‍♀️ Reality Explorers🗣 Social Connectors👷‍♀️ Token Engineers💰 Treasury Guardians🤳 UI Developers (Svelte, Swift)👩‍💻 Web3 Developers (Solidity, Vyper)
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