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Seekr: Web3's UpWork for Elite Talent AcquisitionAt Seekr, we're transforming recruitment by integrating simplicity, transparency, and blockchain technology. Our service, operational since 2022, streamlines hiring processes and enhances job seeking experiences. Our upcoming self-service marketplace, set for a Q4 2024 launch, will leverage our unique 'Proof of Experience' technology, utilizing soul-bound tokens for verified work histories.Challenges in Web3 recruitment include fraud, dishonesty, and high fees. Seekr addresses these with blockchain-verified credentials, reducing risks and costs. With Polygon's infrastructure, we offer a cost-effective, transparent process, free for job seekers, with automated verified credentials and secure crypto escrow payments.Demonstrating significant traction, Seekr has over 1,600 sign-ups and 300+ successful placements, including collaborations with global brands like FC Barcelona, and now we're ready to scale.Investment in Seekr will advance our platform’s capabilities, supporting product development, sales, marketing, and operations, leading to a transparent and efficient Web3 job market.🔗 Read our full pitch here.
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