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Sage to Saddle
Sage to Saddle aims to keep Native American youth focused on healthier alternatives to the prevalent poverty and substance abuse they live with, which are both major contributors to late winter’s “suicide season”. On America’s reservations, this suicide rate is four times the national average. With 20 years dedicated to photographing America’s West, Nate Bressler realized while on photo-assignment shooting Native American horse racing teams for Outside Magazine, that a winter horse riding facility would greatly benefit the community of Pine Ridge. He teamed up with Lakota Native, Stan Brewer, the driving force behind Pine Ridge’s horse community who acts as Riding Arena Coordinator. Together, they created lofty but attainable goals that will bring structure, education, celebration, not to mention a safe haven, along with the opportunity for these Native youth to lift their chins with pride. Sage to Saddle, with the support of the Pine Ridge community, hopes to provide this indoor horse riding arena for kids from 8-18 years old with an after-school program focused on equine relationships and the responsibilities horse care involves. Rotating through arena activities and the required time for completing homework in the attached classroom, students of the program will be granted the opportunity to carry on a horse nation’s tradition with the very animal that made their survival possible. Rounding out the Sage to Saddle team, Angela Smith grew up in Utah, exploring the Mountains and Deserts throughout the West. She has been involved with nonprofits throughout her life, supporting differing charities and causes through volunteering, increasing public awareness, organizing private donations and events. While working in the field of software, design, and technology, she currently supports local groups involved with homeless families, mental health and addiction issues, and veteran work training programs in San Diego, CA.
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