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SAFE PAD and menstrual hygiene awareness
Support our SAFE PAD and menstrual hygiene awareness project. Adolescent pregnancy, occurring in girls aged 10–19 years, remains a serious health and social problem in Tembisa South Africa , and has been associated with numerous risk factors evident in the young people's family, peer, school, and in neighbourhood contexts. Nobody deserves the indignity of having to use leaves, newspapers, used socks, old mattress cuttings or rags to clean her menstrual flow. These materials are not only ineffective but also unhygienic and uncomfortable in cleaning menstrual flow. In Tembisa, school going girls of menstrual age are either forced to endure this humiliation or be absent from school. For the brave girls who want to remain in school and build a bright future,  a large number of them confess to facing stigma that comes from unhygienic menstrual hygiene management, the odor of improperly managed menstrual blood or shocking stories of how they did not know what to do during their first menstrual period. As for those who choose the easy way out, research has uncovered shocking statistics of adolescent young girls missing school in Tembisa due to menstruation. Moreover, this state of affairs is worsened by the lack of information on menstrual matters as well as a deep culture of taboos, myths and misconceptions surrounding menstruation and menstrual blood. At JROMSA, we believe that young girls should not be left alone to make these tough choices.
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