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ReVillaging Mutual Mentorships Program
The Revillaging Mutual Mentorships Program is one of the many projects within the Diamante Bridge Collective. Designed by Dani Bellavita to further the work of “ReInhabiting the Village” book project, the mentorship program provides an environment in which individuals can openly support each other in re-creating themselves within a village context. We can only truly reinhabit the village once we have revillaged the inhabitants!'This is not your typical “Master/Apprentice” dynamic.We are connecting young minds and talent with opportunities to intimately study community life by taking on new roles and responsibilities where there is an experienced mentor to coach and review their work in a new area, and! The mentor is also here to learn new tools, gain fresh insights, and receive feedback from alternate perspectives, honoring that everyone has a gift to share and a voice in choosing their path. As ReVillagers we are all mentors, learning together in mutual respect about both new and ancient tools that may be implemented to help those who come after us.Our collective attracts individuals who both have mastery in their own field and seek mastery in another. These individuals would normally find their current skills used within existing extractive systems, limiting their potential for self-discovery and growth while becoming part of a machine which has proven to cause harm to our planet and imbalance within our society. The aim of the Mutual Mentorship program is to liberate willing souls from that reality and harness their skills for the good of all: to practice and share the wisdom and tools necessary for living in community and raising a village. We offer multiple mentorship opportunities: each program led by a different mentor, each sharing their own unique skill sets. Our programs cover the key skill sets that are necessary for life in a thriving village community. Returning to the Village is about creating healthy regenerative systems on all levels of life, from the smallest microorganisms in the soil, to the roadways and waterways, to the youth and the elders and people within our local community and amongst our vast global community network. It is about the inner work, knowing thyself, as much as it is about “all our relations”, plant, animal, and human.The Revillaging Mutual Mentorship Program is a holistic approach to all aspects of a healthy life and community, and its intention is to train 3 community members for 3 roles necessary for the next phase of our evolution. In the process, we create regenerative livelihoods that value the wisdom, experience and contributions of those holding stewardship positions with the DBC.All donations to this project are used to pay housing and living expenses for the mutual mentorship participants and recipients of scholarships to this program.🎊 2023 Cohort B Mentors 🎉Cohort A (completed 2022):This pilot of the program was a 3 month long Mutual Mentorship journey led by one of the DBC co-founders Dani Bellavita. The journey focused on training Cohort participants (Krista, Lala & Nikola) to fulfill specific roles newly created and very much needed within the ever-expanding Diamante Bridge Collective community. Please check out past updates on the project listing at for a record of the experience.Program Structure:Our Mentorship programs start at 3 months and can last up to 12 months and include room and board. The first phase of the program is a one-month orientation period. Upon successful completion of the orientation phase, the participant will commence into the second phase, which is a 3-month internship (the first month having already been completed). Upon successful completion of the 3-month internship, we will celebrate as the participant graduates into entering the full Apprenticeship phase of the program, which means completing an additional 9 months. Upon successful completion of the 12-month program, the participant will be prepared and equipped to enter into long-term community life at one of the associated land nodes, should they wish to do so. As part of our program, they will have the opportunity to join our extensive network of communities affiliated with the Diamante Bridge Collective, located within Costa Rica and also internationally. Each community in our network offers a different flavor, style, and structure, and it’s important for individuals to find the place which is the best fit for their needs and values.From a perspective of growing community and roles to be taken, this mentorship program is focused on specific roles within the developing structure, and aims to establish functioning systems for our Collective. 12 months marks the completion of a natural solar cycle. Following this model, we see that 12 months is the necessary amount of time required for an individual to integrate deeply into a new way of living. Participants of the Program:Our mentorship program is aimed primarily at integrating individuals into community life and filling future roles that will be necessary for a healthy, fast-growing, and sustainable community. It also prepares individuals to bridge the world of Crypto Economies with life on the ground working in harmony with our Earth and teaches them how to use this resource to further restore and protect our land. The goal of the program is the transmission of knowledge and wisdom from senior members of the community to the youth. This allows us to bridge the generations and ensures that the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of experience is passed down to ensure the success, health, and empowerment of future generations.Cohorts are selected based on their skills and ability to live in harmony, be diplomatic, open and who exhibit strong communication and connection skills. They are eager to learn, expand, and eventually, to also pass on their wisdom to the next Cohort. They also act as a learning tool for Elder members, allowing both to share their unique abilities with one another and to help the Mentor hone their teaching skills. Sponsoring Mentorship Program Participants:Those who choose to sponsor this program are helping to empower a group of community-oriented individuals who will then carry the wisdom and tools they need to create and connect communities wherever they are. Together, we can liberate a generation from life in individual-centric jobs which only succeed in further reducing our resources. Funding requested:US $3600 per person per 3 months (there are 3 spots/roles available)Funding will be used towards several aspects of the program: “For most of human history we have lived as Villagers… Yet, in a matter of a few generations, much of the world’s populace has become imbalanced and disconnected from our environment and from each other, and we are seeing the ramifications of this disconnection across all spectrums of life...We as a species live at a critical crossroads, a time in which the impacts of our past and the potential of our future intersect. A time in which the choices each one of us make every day, and the decisions we collectively agree to influence, create a legacy for future generations.”- Excerpt from ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our future, by Jamaica StevensYou can learn more about our collective here: don't forget to follow us on Twitter
Raised: $19,040.432


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