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What is Regens Unite? ⭐ Check out our feature on the Green Pill Podcast ⭐Regens Unite is a movement of events and educational media. Our community-building initiative bridges the gaps between the broad range of sectors working on regenerative solutions, connecting expertise with innovation. DAOs 🤝 ReFi 🤝 DeSci 🤝 Platform Coops 🤝 Purpose Organizations 🤝 Climate Activism 🤝 NGOs 🤝 ArtLaunched in May 2022, we’ve successfully run dozens of IRL events with a growing roster of new locations. Our curated, in-person gatherings have programs designed to guide participants through professionally facilitated discussions and knowledge-sharing experiences. Intimate & Intentional Event Curation - We organise inclusive, participatory events with a team of experienced facilitators.Facilitation & Programming Services - We support other events through programming partnerships, facilitation training or consulting, and marketing.Educational content - We produce digital media such as after-movies, session recordings, a newsletter, & an events handbook to share learnings and provide a platform for our growing regen network.Check out some of our after-movies from Berlin and Paris!What Regens Unite is bringing to web3:It’s no secret that web3 needs more diversity and more expertise to achieve true systems change at a global scale. If we want to build regenerative systems, we need everyone involved in the solution design process. We are evolving the web3 space by: Bringing in expertise from sectors outside of web3 to broaden the regen movementProviding an avenue for innovative web3 projects to conduct research and receive rapid feedback outside of their bubbleDesigning events with high-quality interaction, and safe spaces for experimentation to co-create web3 projects with local communitiesDriving inclusivity and diversity in web3 through curated attendance, using application processes & scholarships Creating toolkits and media to elevate project stories, educate on the regen movement, and inspire new groups to get involvedCommunity feedback in response to our question, "what surprised you?"- "Solid female presence, and people who didn’t know what web3 was"- "I was positively surprised, that not only people from crypto world attended"- "The leaning into regeneration as a personal, interpersonal human need as well as environmental regeneration"- "I loved the incredibly genuine inclusivity of the whole event, the horizontal hierarchy, and feelings of agency"- "Due to my work I haven't had many touchpoints with web3, and I get really fascinated that there are a lot of real people with the same mission and vision"What your funds are helping us to build:Outside of a few small event sponsorships, Regens Unite has been entirely supported by donations - and the core team does this work predominantly unpaid. While we are developing a sustainable business model, we need funding to continue.We have a growing pipeline of inbound requests from event organizers across the world to expand the movement organically.Our goal is to raise funds to provide support services from our DAO (marketing, programming, facilitation, & organizational support) to enable regenerative event organizers around the world who want to use our brand, and to continue to build an online platform for our regen network to discover new opportunities for collaboration.We like to show our work - so for example, in 2023 we’ve been launching digital content and IRL events to serve our growing community:Events, events, events!A “Web3 Fundraising” activation event promoting Gitcoin & Giveth in BerlinRegens Unite Brussels (the second edition of our genesis event)Program partnership with Enchanted Village A regen side event at ETH BarcelonaA Regen Hub in Paris alongside EthCCA Regen Summer Camp Regens Unite London kickoffRegens Unite Berlin alongside Blockchain WeekProgram partnership with in Istanbul during DevConnectContent, content, content…A brand new websiteA monthly Regen Roundup newsletterAn episode of The GreenPill PodcastAn open and collaborative Regen Calendar to promote other eventsThe Regens Unite Handbook: a practical guide for designing regenerative gatheringsWhat’s next for Regens Unite?Regens Unite was born in May 2022 with a seed event in Brussels. Since then we have initiated:dozens of IRL eventsa growing Telegram group of 700+ regensa collaborative network of media partnershipsgrowing social presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & FacebookWe have an expanding pipeline of inbound requests from event organizers across the world to work with our brand and grow the movement, and we are continuing to build a support structure around this.Thank you in advance for your support. Every donation counts to help us further our mission to unite regenerative builders around the world!👉 Join our community on Telegram!Find more information about us and our events on our website.
Raised: $1,145.718


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