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ReGenerOsa Collective
Accelerate the transition towards a regenerative Osa community. Fund our weavers and stewards that have put themselves in service to re*store, re*new, and re*pair all that is needed to re*establish a healthy relationship among all beings in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.We are a global collective that funds place-based Osa weavers and stewards for the essential work and grassroots projects they are carrying out. By stimulating the redistribution and revaluation of our capital system we aim to upcycle the local economy to a regenerative economy. An economy that celebrates and serves the natural abundance that the Osa and her habitants are enriched with, supporting all her livelihoods and capitals to thrive.Why the Osa?The Osa is a climax ecosystem that is part of the Golfo Dulce ecosystem that holds 2.5% of the Earth's biodiversity. Her energy is inspiring, healing, and inviting us to come home into our own natural state. The state in which we find our peace, our creativity, and love for the greater-than-human world around us. She invites us to just BE. Read more about her unique natural beauty here!We invite you to alchemise your care for current and future generations of earth habitants by in*vesting 2.5% of whatever into the 2.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity.Join*in the ReGenerOsa Collective today!The collective We are in the starting phase and are in the process of the first decision-making round about the funds. With your pledge, you become a part of the Collective and the decision-making process regarding the distribution of funds.Get in touch with us for questions about us, our info package, or more hands-on possibilities to support us! We are a grassroots-run collective that is fuelled by in-person and online non-financially related support and therefore are always open for people to come in and help us with marketing-related topics, accounting, strategizing etc.!! of our Osa Weavers and Stewards Osa Weaver- Dona Eida Fletes Eida Fletes embodies the dweller of a Blue Zone, someone who has lived through great challenges and brings lightness and humor, guidance, and wisdom to everything she does. Similar to many campesinos in this area - she supports herself and her family through a variety of economic activities such as: creating and selling culinary herbs and spices, rural tourism on her farm Jarcana, and tours and workshops about two of her passions, taxonomy, and mushrooms. Beyond her economic activities, Eida is a natural community weaver and leader - active in the local Catholic Church, council and mentor to numerous people and groups, and a long-time activist for the rights of the natural world and the local campesino population. As someone born on land that is now part of Corcovado National Park, Eida is a skilled storyteller and history bearer for this part of the Peninsula.Osa Stewards - Manos Cambiadas Manos Cambiadas is a project founded on the long-standing tradition of the community helping the community. Every 7 days a group of volunteers organized by Los Higuerones and ASCONA both local and community-oriented organizations, go to a farm to help producers with different tasks. The main focus is to support local producers in improving their agricultural practices into more healthy and ecological ways for themselves and for their lands, supporting the food sovereignty of the area and the access to healthier products for the population of Puerto Jimenez.Osa Weavers - Council of EightAll members of the Council of Eight have their individual unique gifts and network to share. To enable the facilitation and collective space holding by Council of Eight during the collaborative decision-making processes, a clear overview of gifts and networks, as well as regenerative work processes need to be generated and implemented. 
Raised: $61.985


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