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ReFi San Jose a ReFi Lab from Costa Rica to the world
## Welcome to ReFi San José! Join us in the adventure of reconnecting all the people regenerating our country, with our capital city San José at the center of a collaborative movement to transform Costa Rica into a ReFi Lab for the World.For our initial phase we need your support to launch [Verano ReFi Costa Rica 2023: Regenerating our Optimism]( an inspiring collection of ReFi events to share what is possible and what is already happening in ReFi in Costa Rica; also kickstarting ReFi San Jose website with our own **ReFi San José Learning Path**, a self paced introduction to ReFi in Spanish, our first contribution to the commons and to the ReFi DAO international community.For our initial phase we have a goal to raise $50k to implement Verano ReFi Costa Rica and our ReFi San José Learning Path.## 🔭 Our vision for San José and Costa RicaJoin us in this adventure to create a **ReFi DAO node in San José**, a ReFi Lab supporting a blooming ecosystem of regenerative projects from all corners of the country, a ReFi Bridge between urban and rural contexts, that respects the cultural diversity of inhabitants and promotes the interrelatedness of existing initiatives. Our country is a small but mighty warrior: Costa Rica was the global laboratory of demilitarization in the 1940s, of decarbonization in the 2000s, and now we are ready to transform it into a ReFi Lab for the world. We are committed to become a laboratory of regeneration and climate resilience, under a strong collaborative, democratic and decentralized approach.## Launching ReFi San José with rural, virtual and urban events**Verano ReFi Costa Rica 2023** is a series of ReFi inspired events that will be held during **April-June** across the country and in Barrio Escalante, San José, with support of ReFi San José, ReFiSpring and Asoblockchain Costa Rica. Each of the events will be independently organized by ReFi San José founders in rural and urban areas and we will co-organize a closing event in the city to foster meaningful connections amongst founders and other regenerative practitioners, web3 enthusiasts and changemakers looking to explore new ideas on ReFi. Together, we will consolidate San José as a ReFi lab for the World. ReFi San José contributing to the commons from the beginningReFi San José Learning Path is a self-paced introduction to ReFi and the ReFi Ecosystem in Costa Rica, inspired by the [Cambiatus Learning Path]( This is a piece of learning content that ReFi San José envisions to contribute to the web3 commons, it will be hosted in our website and Github repository, to make it available to any other Spanish speaking community to fork and adapt it to their contexts, or to other cities to adapt into their native languages. ## Three steps to ReFi in Costa RicaThese two specific and impactful first actions by ReFi San José thanks to the support of the Gitcoin community, will help us start implementing our three step strategy:1. **Mindset change:** un-learning old ideas and re-learning about regen concepts, web3, financial resilience, what is regeneration for us? What is ReFi? What is web3? positioning these concepts and building community around their intersections. In practice this means: urban and rural events/meetups/workshops, digital events, experiences, field visits and exchanges.  2. **Co-Design:** Co-creating ReFi projects with a Costa Rican flavor, co-designing new collaborative businesses, finding interconnections between existing projects, helping web2 successful ideas to move to web3. In practice this means: workshops, incubator for current and emerging ReFi leaders, access to seed funding for inclusive projects. 3. **Tech:**  co-creating the tech our vibrant ReFi ecosystem needs, fostering local skills, redirecting current web3 creative pools to develop ReFi Projects. In practice this means: Web 3 tools & tech knowledge workshops, hackathons, collabs with existing ReFi web3 international projects.We are excited about the possibilities of ReFi San José!
Raised: $5,835.161


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