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ReFi Medellín Join the movement towards a more sustainable and equitable future in Medellín, ColombiaWe are the first Colombian Node of ReFiDAO responsible for promoting ReFi projects in the region.At ReFi Medellín, we believe in regenerative projects and the transformative impact they have. It's time to think differently and regenerate together! Led by Juan Giraldo, Tereza Bizkova, Alejandro Soto, 0xflypeztic, Edward, Ximena Monclou, Green Digital Guardians and Dotlabs()Our aim is to nurture community conversations around Web3 enabled regenerative-oriented-innovations (ROIs) and empower the youth in Medellín to address some of our city's most pressing challenges through hackathons, incubation, and investment. These challenges include poverty, inequality, youth unemployment, and a general lack of access to resource flows such as energy, water, sanitation, housing, and education.Engage the Local Community: Host events featuring experts in ReFi, Web3, and urban challenges in Latin American cities.Impact Onboarding: Any active ecological group or group of friends wishing to carry out an impact activity, such as planting trees, cleaning environments, collecting garbage, etc., can contact us and request support.ReFi Medellín Workshops: Host ReFi Medellín events. These events will include expert guest speakers in ReFi, Web3, and urban challenges in Latin American cities.ReFi Hackathons: We aim to engage young people from various developer communities, universities, and private sector organizations interested in Web3 and sustainability.Support Regeneration-Oriented Innovations (ROIs) and Web3: Incubate and invest in social enterprises that emerge from the ReFi Medellín hackathons.Keep Medellín as the City of Eternal Spring: Activity dedicated to planting flowers and helping to regenerate the flower insect in Medellín, thus helping to protect Medellín as the City of Eternal Spring.We kindly ask for your support and donations to our project, so we can keep running our journey of youth-led education for regeneration!ReFi Medellín Links:WebpageLinkTreeInstagramXLinkedInTelegram Calendar
Raised: $4,408.955


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