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ReFi DAO | Unlocking a Global Regen CoordiNATION
ReFi DAO is a network society on a mission to regenerate the earth.ReFi DAO emerged as a founder-led startup community during the rapid influx of talent & capital that emerged in the 2021 ReFi boom. Since then, and thanks to the support of our community, we have become the cultural home of ReFi for top founders, investors and builders at the intersection of impact and web3. We are here to support the mycelial growth of regenerative culture, technology and ventures, both online and in-person.So far, we’ve enabled more than 75 events in 58 cities, reached over 60k+ listeners, and served over 300 entrepreneurs. You can see the full list of founders, investors and events, content and deals on our website: refidao.comNow, since the beginning of 2023, we have been laying the foundations for the emergence of a network of regenerative communities in key cities across the globe. We refer to these local communities as ‘Local Nodes’.What are Local Nodes? 🗺Connected by an online community, and enabled by the most powerful tools of our time—Local Nodes bring the physical and digital world together into a symphony of inner and outer regeneration. They are for founders conducting radical experiments to unlock a regenerative economy at scale, they’re for leaders of public, private and third-sector institutions, and they’re for anyone committed to taking action, building community, and making the world a better place.One node at a time, we aim to create an interconnected, self-sustaining world, where technology and humanity walk hand in hand towards regeneration. You can browse through the list of existing Local Nodes from the Alpha cohort over the last three months at CoordiNATION 🌱CoordiNATIONs are interwoven networks of community driven by shared values, mutualism, and voluntary association. At the heart of ReFi DAO’s vision lies a commitment towards forming a ‘Regen CoordiNATION’ weaving deeper partnership and interconnection between GreenPill Network, Regens Unite, Crypto Commons Association, and others. Through collaborations on guides, toolkits, grant pools, guilds and more, we seek to unlock positive-sum synergies and build a pluralistic regenerative society for all.The Future is Regenerative. Come Join! ✨As we stand on the precipice of a new era, ReFi DAO, along with its committed partners and communities, seeks to be the catalyst for change. The notion of a global regenerative economy is no longer a distant dream; it's a tangible vision that we can collectively achieve. With every local node we establish, every piece of knowledge we share, and every collaboration we embark on, we inch closer to a sustainable, interconnected future. This is not just our mission—it's an invitation. Join us. Be a part of the Regen CoordiNATION. Together, let's reimagine the future 🌿🌎🌱By donating to this grant you can directly support the creation of local regenerative economies at a global scale. Any donations would be hugely appreciated!
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