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RECenter the Resource Recycling Center San Salvador
Help us build a recycling center and create an Extruder Machine to transform “non-recyclable plastic” into a great building material : Wood plastic or Madera Plastica -----Without a formal waste management system in place and limited information and options to recycle, residents of San Salvador are left to individual choices and practices; which is often in the form of illegal burning and dumping.After reaching success in creating two small scale projects for the Togethering and the local store Abues (see traces below), we are excited to expand and create a bigger recycling center for Diamante Valley.Our intention is to:● Spread awareness by educating locals on recycling, composting, reducing and...● Create recycling opportunities by receiving, storing and redirecting recyclables such as cardboard, glass, tetrapacks, aluminum and tin..● Build an extruder machine so that we can locally repurpose plastics into building materials.On the following link you can see our machine being built : We are now testing it !The great news is we have the land and local community support. Now all we need are financial contributions so that we may move forward and:• Create parking for community accessibility : Done ! • Build a non permanent structure to receive, store, redirect and repurpose recyclable materials. Done ! • Build the extruder machine and the molds. In process.. • Build a second structure to work with the extruder, the molds and cooling pool.• Create and print educational materials- flyers, videos, signage• Help locals to start recycle properly at home.We believe our project can be an inspiration for communities and municipalities to follow. Make a financial contribution become a solution to the pollution 😉Follow us on Instagram : Recycling_diamante_valleyYou can see the past success of the Resourcery Team at work on GivethTRACE as we have implemented two previous actions with great results: The Togethering Place Campaign, Create a Recycling Program (Phase 1, TTP) Trace, and Create a Recycling Center (Phase 2, Restaurant/Store) Trace.
Raised: $5,043.901


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