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Play4Change was born with the purpose of generating financial inclusion, educational empowerment and social transformation leveraging web3 tools. We are an organization that focuses on social impact in underrepresented communities in developing nations with 3 main pillars:FinancialLearn to earn: Identify opportunities for income generation utilizing blockchain games, NFTs for impact and Defi.EducationPlay to learn: Create an environment using token incentives, free access to education content/sessions and gamified processes to engage the community in learning about crypto. Besides giving them opportunities to generate income we also hold educational sessions and offer access to education platforms covering topics such as blockchain 101, crypto, NFTs, Defi, programming and entrepreneurship. We also work with bootcamps, hackathons and events to dedicate spots to people from vulnerable communities participating in the Play4Change program.TechnologyLearn to build: Leverage web3 tools to digitally upskill talents to find job opportunities, create solutions for their communities and build projects in the space. We will be a bridge to connect these talents to opportunities in the job market.We are helping build a future where the opportunities we get in life are not limited by our place of birth, family connections or looks. In the digital and decentralized age, as the world becomes borderless, our skills, knowledge and the value we bring will be what matters. When visiting some of our communities we are seeing people shift their mentality and leapfrog the current financial/education systems into something that serves them better. We partner with NGOs, community leaders and indigenous tribes to spread the message and help us creating this movement.They co-create with us solutions to raise capital for diverse social and environmental causes leveraging blockchain technology:Soon a kid growing up in Rocinha or the countryside of Africa will have similar opportunities as one from San Francisco or New York. We even helped build the first Polygon Tech House in the world which now is in a favela called Complexo Chapadão in Rio de Janeiro. We host workshop for them on a monthly basis!We are present in over 8 states in Brazil from Favelas in Rio de Janeiro to indigenous tribes in the Amazon forest.We believe now we have the tools to do that so nobody is left behind. So we upskill people in blockchain programming, metaverse design, NFT creators and many other areas so they can participate in this movement finding career opportunities within this industry as well. In order to do that we take them to crypto conferences to build their network and connect them to companies.We are including people from indigenous villages in the Brazilian Amazon into our education program and they are very engaged! They are learning web3 hard skills as well as soft skills!Its great to see them learn as well as build with our community!We cant wait to see what the future holds for them:Even the chief of the tribe created his own liquidity pool in Defi!Help us continue our work with them! This is is the first Polygon tech house even built! And we helped building it in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.We are an impact DAO open for anyone that wants to participate and support. We invite you all to join us in this journey to improve the world.
Raised: $56.152

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