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Neurodiversity Foundation:Bridging the Gap Between Neurodivergent & Neurotypical in order to create a neuroinclusive society that embraces all types of minds.The Foundation has the goal; To create a society that works for all individuals regardless of their braintypes, we develop in projects, the tools, community, campaigns, researches and products, to enhance societal equality, social connections and cooperation between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals, thereby supporting to move forward towards a neurodiverse society.HOW WE IMPACT THE WORLDThe Neurodiversity Foundation will reach their goals by:Research activities, production, innovation and distribution of projects that facilitate equality, self-management and effective joining for neurodivergents in the classroom, on the working space, in friendships, in groups in relationships and as individuals in society.Campaigns of information that foster mutual understanding, curiosity and acceptable between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals,Developing knowledge and tools for effective communication that take into consideration how communication and cooperation is enacted by neurodiverse individualsOur 4 mains aims are: Research & InnovationAwareness & PrideInnovation & ResearchMainstream introduction of the concept of neurodiversity
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