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Mycelia - Bridging Web3 to Indigenous Public Goods
The First Regens are Indigenous, as they protect more than 80% of Earth's Biodiversity and stewards 1/4 of the world's most preserved ecosystem. There roles are a real public good for humanity.TL;DR ⚡Indigenous Public Goods (IPGs) create profound impact and need urgently to be funded. Mycelia will promote IPGs to the Web3 community and the Web3 to IPGs, with an initial focus on LATAM;Building Trust between Indigenous Communities and Web3 is a top priority in a context of decolonisation. We want to on-board IPGs on Web3 like The CIM, while subsiding Education program around Web3;Working to create an ecosystem to fund IPGs with Grant Stack/Allo Protocol, researching sponsors and new funding mechanisms;Exploring R&D on Indigenous Cyberspace to increase their agency such as Indigenous Coordi-Nation/Network-States, Digital Jurisdiction, Web3 lndigenous legal tech, Decentralised Indigenous Organisations (DIOs). ➡More info in our Pitch Deck here Why Funding Mycelia ? 🍄Such as the mycelium network in a forest, we are connecting different human bioma. We need your support for proving that Web3 can support Indigenous Communities as we did with The CIM, collecting funds for a Grant focus on IPGs, moving with Indigenous Leaders to global events, and exploring funding mechanisms for this ecosystem. This mission it's time & resources consuming, but we think vital for a healthy human biodiversity.Current Team 🐯
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