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Modoc Earthrace Conservation
Earthrace is a non-profit Conservation Organization that works on various Conservation Missions and Scientific Research around the world to help the Conservation of Animals on Land and in the Oceans. Our Recent Projects are working with the Government Agencies in Costa Rica and Panama Facilitating Partols in MPA's and National Parks.We Provide the Ship Modoc, a 7.4m Rib, a 4.7m Zodiac, Schiebel S100 Military UAV and a Tracking Dog 'Appa' Free of Charge. In Conjunction with the assets we provide we also Supply Accomodation for the Rangers, Food, Water, Petrol/Diesel, Crew and Expertise.We have been working in Costa Rica for the past 3 Years and have patroled Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park and all 16 MPA's on the Pacific Side of Costa Rica including Cocas Island.Modoc has Recently Arrived in Panama and is about to start Similar Patrols in the MPA's here.Our Ship is a 1944 Ex-Military Tug that is now become our Base of Operations and when we are not on patrol it is constant maintainence.All donations will go towards the upkeep of the ship, food for Volunteers & Government Personnel, fuel for patrols and maintenance of tenders and other assets.If you are interested in Crewing aboard the Ship as a Volunteer and helping with patrols and Maintainence feel free to reach out to us at Also Check out our Volunteers page in our website hereCheck us out on social media Update:At the moment It is just Josh and Appa on the ship so there has been some good training sessions in and Appa is now jumping off a persons back up to a higher platform (Video Coming Soon)The Tooth...When we were doing some tracking training through the ship as We release Appa from the Leash in all his excitement he Swung his head around and Chipped his tooth on the shackle on the Leash. He is in a lot of Pain and is going to the vet on Wednesday to get it Checked out properlyThat's it this weekKeep Fighting the Good Fight
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