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🐙 MetaGame tl;drAt MetaGame, we believe things like Ethereum & DAOs are some of the basic infrastructure pieces for socioeconomic systems of the future.We are bringing together people, knowledge, tools, building blocks & DAOs to build a new kind of society.You can think of it as a real-life MMORPG with the goal of finding different ways to play life on a collective as well as personal level.MetaGame is a massive online coordination game, in its baby form.🤨 Why are we asking for funding?Right now, pretty much everyone considers MetaGame as a hobby. It's hard to retain people for long when they’re being underpaid & it's hard to build anything fast if everyone is treating it as a side project. We are asking for funding to be able to guarantee paychecks to enable existing contributors to jump in full-time, hook in a bunch of new contributors and continue working on:✅ Our first product: MyMeta & the minimum viable platform and make it adaptable and customizable for other projects as well (what is MyMeta)✅ Publish more educational content & podcast episodes✅ Organize more events like this conference, hackathon & festival✅ Continue pioneering a DAO bootstrapping/accounting/payroll system✅ Foster an awesome community & a small network of projects✅ Help more people level up & break into the DAO ecosystemComparison of MyMeta profile in MetaGame and customized MyMeta profile for xzyDAO🚨 What problems are we solving by doing all these?- coordination failures between people/projects/DAOs- tracking and rewarding everyone's contribution in a non-extractive way- overwhelming and complex onboarding processes in the DAO space- for people is difficult to get involved in web3🌄 Our goals, in short:- Put our & other building blocks together into a coherent coordination-enabling UI- Help people solve problems & build a model of what crypto societies could be like 🙃- Make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for people to get involved in the DAO spaceOur roadmap️ MetaGame for Patrons in under 5min🔗 Moar links🌱 Read all about Seeds💬 Join the Telegram group🗞️ Subscribe to the newsletter
Raised: $1,332.863


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