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#MercadoNFT#MercadoNFT is an exhibition and promotion event of Non Fungible Tokens - NFTs, related to art, photography, music, fashion, projects that promote environmental conservation, cultural diversity, adoption of new technologies and much more.With the aim of attracting beginners and connoisseurs to show various experiences related to the world of unique cryptoassets or NFTs. All in function of generating knowledge-adoption-dissemination of unique digital assets, in addition to publicizing various crypto-artists and their extraordinary talent.Precisely, the event's agenda always include experiences with: Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Activities with metaverses and oculus experiences, Direct contact with the participating artists, Open different wallets and many more.Review of the project trayectory and achievementsFirts editionThe first edition of MERCADONFT was held on March 23, 2023. We had a reach of:+150 attendees in person+50 attendees via streaming100 NFTs exhibited25 artists5 projectsAll the information about the first event can be found at Activities:Oculus station: Approach to the metaverse through spatial.ioNFTips talksPresentation of projectsDj and Vj with codeSurprise interviews to attendees and artistsNetworkingSecond editionIn the second edition of MercadoNFT which was on July 27,2023, we did it under the festival organized by Club Hash Medellín: HASHFEST.+100 attendees registered through the page+80 attendees for the NFTs exhibited+50 attendees via streamingSurprise interviews to attendees and artistsActivities:Thematic: Medellin - Urban - Flower FairOculus Station: approach to the metaverse through cryptovoxels in the space of artist TajasoftTalk NFTipsTalk metaversesTalk with artists and participating projectsShow with oculus: painting a silletero with oculus by artist RatruOculus Station: approach to the metaverse through cryptovoxels in the space of artist TajasoftPhysical Exhibition: Video Installation based on images made with an ATARI 130 XE Computer between 1984-1990 by artist Javier CruzScissors hands: reflective activity through the collage of old photos by the artist EstrujamentesExhibition of physical products related to NFTs, Surprise interviews with attendees and artists.All the information about the second event can be found at wants to continue contribuiting in WEB3 education through different activities like digital art, oculus, wallets, metaverses, and many more.
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