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Meme Manifesto by Clusterduck
“Meme Manifesto” is a transmedia project, aiming at representing, understanding and archiving the social, cultural and visual forces behind the global spreading of memetic culture. The project comprises a website installation and a participative archive called “Safari”; a physical installation, called “Detective Wall”; and a series of workshops called “The Meme Manifesto Protocols”, where participants are called to contribute with contents, images and discussions to the implementation of Meme Manifesto.Clusterduck Collective has been actively operating online in the field of digital art, digital communities and digital policies since 3 years. Clusterduck Collective is actually counting 40 collaborators coming from different parts of the world (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Nederland, US, Brasil). The Meme Manifesto transmedia project is a collaborative installation which is also the result of a series of workshops happening in different parts of the world, where students, creators, artists, and participants are called to open up, research and share discoveries about their complex digital life and culture.The project has proved to be particularly effective during Covid-90 times, as our digital social life has become an even larger part of our awake and social time. Video calls and chats during the work in progress, with classes of different nationalities (mainly Spain, Nederlands, Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, UK, Brasil, Vietnam) has been proven to generate useful and interesting discussions on how to be safe from fake news, conspiracy theories and digital anxiety in general.You can follow updates and developements of Meme Manifesto here
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