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Why MedDAO?Digital healthcare is at an inflection point driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and acceptance of tele-medicine as a viable care model. Yet, medical knowledge remains poorly coordinated. Web3 is reshaping the medical paradigm, creating a new value layer in healthcare. As practicing surgeons the MedDAO founders experience inequalities, inefficiencies & silos of the healthcare system daily; catalyzing MedDAOs launch. Our community has grown to include other clinicians, patient advocates & experts in complementary disciplines.Healthcare 3.0MedDAO is building a distributed clinical medical knowledge network to offer a greater degree of interaction & interconnection between clinicians, patients, and researchers. We built MedCred, a soulbound NFT medical credential record on Ethereum used in our Knowledge Request module, a two-way marketplace aligning clinicians & community stakeholders. This has applications in scientific publishing/peer-review, provider/patient interactions & data creation/distribution.MedCredPeer ReviewMedical Knowledge MarketRoadmapAdditional ResourcesLearn more on our website and Twitter.Find resources on our LinkTreeGet involved by joining the MedDAO Discord server.Core TeamR. Morgan Stuart M.D.rmorgan@meddao.xyz Zacharia M.D.brad@meddao.xyz Cecilgeorge@meddao.xyz Zachariaryan@meddao.xyzElijah Spinah Ph.D.elijah@meddao.xyz Onkkatherine@medddao.xyz med. Lukas WeidenerLukas@meddao.xyzNassim Dehouche Ph.D.HaAI Labs/ DAOkit haai.info Steven Houston M.D.steve@meddao.xyz
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