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MASQ NetworkThe MASQ Network team has developed a software suite that offers a unique browsing experience for users that not only provides borderless browsing with privacy-enhancing features, it pushes the limits of how a browser operates in the blending worlds of web2 and web3.The MASQ web3 privacy browser - available at - is the flagship product, acting as a gateway to web3 with users enjoying a privacy-preserving user experience. It is powered by the open source MASQ Core mesh networking software.The MASQ web3 privacy browser offers:borderless browsing and privacy online without tracking, from anywhere in the world.native handling of ENS domain profiles, content and IPFS websites.uncensored access to crypto platforms, web3 dApps, and the metaversein-built web3 dApps library focusing on Polygon ecosystem, curated by the team and community.ability to earn passive crypto by sharing their Internet bandwidth with the MASQ Network.Grant UsesMASQ has humble beginnings operating without an ICO/IDO, no VC or private angel investors for over 4 years.100% of grants to MASQ go directly towards further development of MASQ Core products as an open-source public good.
Raised: $4,160.555


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