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LunCo - collaborative engineering
LunCo is an opensource platform for collaborative industrial & robotics engineering focused on knowledge sharingMissionCreate engineering software, that would be used to design a Settlement on the MoonWhy? Permanent presence on another celestial body would help humanity to understand how small and fragile our planet is!How it works?*LunCo relies on web3, like IPFS for information sharing, allowing anyone to participate in decentralized space missionsImpactLowering the cost of space missionsFaster engineering, faster knowledge sharingDecentralized and distributed space missionsFeaturesMission & spacecraft simulationsDecentralised collaborative trainingDecentralized Engineering Knowledge sharingSupport of CCSDS standards and other space standardsBuild in tools for model analysisSample ApplicationsSolar Power Station in Space engineering, like this project Civic Earth Observation Constellation for MRV, CO2, deforestation tracking designEducational tool (game mode) for students about space engineeringMetaverse for space engineeringContactsLanding pageGithubTwitter GitcoinLinkedinFounder's Twitter
Raised: $5,975.946


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