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LunCo - metaverse for engineers
Try LunCo in Browser (Win, Linux)Download binary build (Win, Linux, MacOS)The goal of LunCo is to integrate Space & Robotics industry existing models into one Virtual World, allowing collaborative (concurrent) engineering.While focused on Space Engineering, it's not limited to it.With Godot as a 3D engine, it's easy to add new functions and models, e.g. plan Solar Power Station parameters, and concept of operations, e.g. how often to clean panels.The below diagram highlights the overall idea. LunCo is focused on Data Sovereignty, meaning that there is no need for central server. Users can run it locally, use it to edit their project, and then share it with the community using IP-NFTs for data discoverability, and decentralized data exchange networks like IPFS to share data itself.Why Web3?Web3 technology allows decentralization, which is crucial as engineering work is often dispersed across various teams.The most common approach to knowledge sharing is email, which, while universal, is not the most efficient form of data exchange in today's digital age. On the other hand, Web3 provides advanced tools for file sharing and data exchange.ImpactThrough LunCo, we aim to:Lower engineering costs, by making knowledge sharing much more efficientDemocratize the engineering landscape, providing equal access to manufacturing software for allFoster a global engineering community encouraging data and technology transfer across domainsServe as a repository of high-quality data for engineering AIRoadmap & FeaturesEnd of 2023 - release of polished version 0.4.0 and 24/7 available main serverQ2 2024 - decent version to start design robotic lunar exploration missions togetherQ4 2024 - Launch of Metaverse, extensive building of tool funded by refi activities, e.g. quadratic funding roundSample applicationsDesign solar power station in spaceAssess impact of solar panels in the specific projectPlan satellite constellationsVisualize robotic transportation systemMonitoring and controlling of remote agriculture robotsModel Closed Loop Biological Life Support SystemsInspired byNASA Celestial Mapping SystemNASA General Missions Analysis ToolkitBasilisk: an Astrodynamics Simulation FrameworkFPrimeCCSDSKerbal Space ProgramFactorioContactsSiteMain repo on Gitcoin (36 stars, 7 watching, 9 forks)Twitter (~3200 followers)Linkedin (~800 followers)Discord Server (100+ people)Youtube (57 subscribers, 16 videos)Founder's Twitter (~3200 followers)Founder's Linkedin (3400+ connections)Discussions on Github
Raised: $10,829.631


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