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Support codeslaw public goods! This project gives out grants for codeslaw public goods & services.LexDAO is the International Legal Engineers Guild.why donate?Donating will support our maximally-Web3-prosocial community focus:help build powerful open source public goods (Wrappr, LexLocker, etc.)help offer invaluable-yet-affordable public good services (LexClinic, cryptolaw advocacy, etc.)opportunitiesCheck out our Lexdaoism Substack for industry leading articles and monthly updates about our public good projects.Please join our server to chat about or get involved in cryptolaw and legal engineering!Please think about becoming a member, especially if you're a cryptolawyer or legal engineer.For the law students out there, our Clinic has a lot of practical Web3 educational and excellent networking opportunities. We use a student + supervisor model common to law school clinics. Please onboard here. legal engineeringLegal engineering is a mixed-specialty profession. The profession has emerged as one of the important highly-skilled trades newly catalyzed by Web3 technology. Legal engineers deal with financial markets, organizational structures, IP/assets and many other fundamental ways society functions at scale.Legal engineers find themselves at the most basic plumbing level of Web3 protocol development: code-is-law infra.For instance, legal engineer Nick Szabo invented smart contract technology and so is arguably the grandfather of Bitcoin. Moreover, legal engineer and SGML inventor Charles Goldfarb is the grandfather of the Internet.updates as of June 8 2023May:
Raised: $225.146


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