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Decentralized video-sharing social media platform, built using Lens protocol. 🌿Lenstube lives in the Polygon network so users can interact with dApp seamlessly with zero gas fees, the app is powered by Lens Protocol a decentralized social graph built by Aave companies 👻ProblemCurrently, on web2 video platforms, creators have many problems like privacy, censorship, and more. Especially for web3 content creators, the channels got banned and de-platformed without warning or any justification. Creators should have a platform where they can own their content and directly connect with their subscribers or members.SolutionWe aimed to develop a decentralized video-sharing app, where content creators own their video content. By storing videos permanently in Arweave and the metadata stored permanently on-chain, no one can restrict users from creating content of their choice. Creators can always monetize their content with nft modules and tips.Features📺 Create channels.📀 Publish any video content or NFTs.🔨 Collect video as NFT.🪞 Mirror and share videos across Lens Dapps.💰 Set membership fees to your channel.🔔 Notifications about new members, comments, mirrors, and mints.💲 Customize who can collect your video and associated fees.❤️ Support any creator by sending a Tip.👍 Like and comment on videos.🎥 Short videos called Bytes🌿 Watch later and recently watched videos library.🏷 Video Categories♾️ Split revenue between content stakeholders or anyoneand more coming soon 👀Why GrantsMaking use of grants will help us to maintain the project.To provide open-source development bounties for more front-end developers to improve the application experience.Build mobile applications by providing bounties for mobile application developers.Improve stability, customer support, and feedback process.Socials
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