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Lenster is a decentralized and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol 🌿Lenster lives in the Polygon network, so users can interact with dApp seamlessly with zero gas fees. No one can take down any content from the app, even the admins. Lenster is powered by Lens Protocol, a decentralized social graph built by Aave companies 👻The Problems with existing social mediaThere are a lot of social media platforms out there, and we should agree they provided us great service, but also we should agree there are a lot of problems still persists.• Personal Information: We need to give a lot of personal information not needed for the platform or useful for consumers.• Privacy: There is no privacy on the existing platforms. All the data we give are sold for advertisements, and 1000s of mods and admins monitor all our posts and chats.• Spam: Current model creates tons of spam against the user. Because spamming is free, you don't need to pay money to spam.• Downtime: The app we use right now is prone to downtime because a single company with limited servers hosts that.The Problems Lenster Solves• Personal Information: You don't provide any personal information except your username (it's your choice) and wallet address, and we don't collect any sensitive information, and it's difficult to store those in Smart contracts.• Privacy: Lenster or the Lens team doesn't have access to remove your posts, everything you post is public, and you are responsible for it.• Spam: In Lenster, you must sign for everything or by the relay. That's the nature of the Blockchain; no one wants to sign their identity for spamming• Downtime: Lenster is hosted in a decentralized chain and decentralized file storage system IPFS. This means there will be 0 downtimes, and no one can DDoS the platform.Features• 👥 Create user profiles• 🌠 Create posts• 💬 Comment on a post• 🪞 Mirror (sharing) posts• 🔖 Bookmark posts• 🔐 Token gated publications• 💰 Create crowdfunds• 👥 Create communities• ➕ Follow profiles• 🎨 Publish NFTs• 🏞 Collect NFTs• 🔔 Notifications• 💌 E2E encrypted DMs• 🚀 Launch a DAO from the profile follow NFTs• 🏘️ Communities (WIP)Why a Giveth Grants?• We want to make the app more accessible without paying any gas. The grant will help us to recharge our relayer address.• We are looking for front-end developers to develop the dApp and make it more usable.• We are looking for mobile app developers to develop and ship Lenster iOS and Android apps.• We are looking for QA engineers to ensure our dApp doesn't break in the middle.Tech Stack• Next.js as a frontend framework• TailwindCSS for design• Lens's official Indexers for API• Polygon for on-chain storage• Arweave for file and metadata storage• IPFS for file and media storageTwitter:
Raised: $2,274.186


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