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Leela Chakra
🎮 Life is a game in which each of us plays a role.This game in India is called Leela, and our Higher Self plays it, creating the whole world of names and forms.📲 Here is the online version of the Leela Game, in which we can play without social and physical boundaries in the Leela Chakra mobile application.Yogis who explored the labyrinths of human consciousness established the existence of 72 primordial states of being. These states correspond to the cells of Lila's playing board, the "periodic system of the elements of consciousness." Within these states, each player acts in accordance with his karma, and the game ends only when the player fully penetrates into its meaning, having reached the Cosmic Consciousness.🎲 The player rolls the die, allowing the forces of karma to determine their next position on the board. He passes through the various planes of existence, ascending the arrows and descending with the snakes, seeking to comprehend the intention of his Higher Self wherever he goes.🧐If this is your first time encountering this game, take it seriously. The more respectful you are to the game, the stronger your practice will be. Reverence for the purpose and means of development is necessary for any spiritual growth, and this game is no exception.️ The game must be finished. Having entered the game, you need to get out of it, merging with the Cosmic consciousness. If you quit playing and stay on some field, then… do you really want to stop progressing at that level? Life goes on, and you will still remain on the same field. That is why the game is worth playing to the end.Game host Gaya Kamskaya
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