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INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELDERLYProphet Reward Foundation (PRF) merges our vulnerable children programs to support and serving the old persons for the basic needs in our slums and rural village in republic of Kenya, East Africa. However, older people are also highly vulnerable, with many falling into poverty, facing health issues or discrimination. They also sometimes face abuse, which has a detrimental impact on them. old people lived with their adult children, however, because of the high incidence of HIV/AIDS many men and women from this generation die leaving no one to care for their aging parents still leaving them caring for their grandchildren in poverty life.Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) we are committed to making it possible for them to age with dignity and to ease the pain caused by aging – both physical and emotional as well as creating spiritual well-being. There are many old people who are crying out for being neglected in their old age.We believe everyone has an elderly in the family or in neighborhood and understanding the need and the challenging care to them.On 1st October had an International Day for the old persons which is celebrated every year. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of senior citizens in our society and to appreciate their contributions. Senior citizens carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as leaders of the society. They also carry the traditions, culture of the society and pass on the knowledge to the younger generation.The day is also marked to put focus on the world's responsibilities towards older people to make their lives happier. In this case, we are requesting for your urgent crypto donation to our budget $9800 to make them happy, in sharing heart of love in bringing together the 98 old persons we serve slum, on that date 1/10/2022 to cook for them, chats, games, sports etc. The day was very successful and colorful. Check the link and donate your public good deeds crypto to poor community old persons; event/program budget is catering for food cooking and sharing together, food for them to take home, rice, cooking oil, cereals, porridge flour, maize flour, vegetables, wheat flour, bedding, heavy worm cloths, soap, token to take home to buy for small kitchen basics like salt, paraffin, fire woods, etc.Lets keep on donating for their daily basic needs and above mentioned donation items for their care all round through as the number and the caring budget still keep on raising and expanding to other slums and other counties..ARE YOU AN OLD PERSON? DONATE TO OLD PERSONS............The little as $10 get GIVbacksYOUNG PERSON? DONATE TO OLD PERSONS..........................The little as $10 get GIVbackA YOUTH? DONATE TO OLD PERSONS.............................. ...The little as $10 get GIVbackFATHER? DONATE TO OLD PERSONS..................................The little as $10 get GIVbacksMOTHER? DONATE TO OLD PERSONS............................The little as $10 gets GIVbackThe more kind crypto donation you give the more GIVback you get and the more blessings you get in caring for the vulnerable elderly persons in s developing country. .NB: NO RICH OR POOR WHEN YOU BECOME OLD, NEGLIGENCE BECOMES AUTOMATIC AND GETS YOURSELF BEING TAKEN CARE BY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT YOUR RELATIVES LIKE PROPHET REWARD FOUNDATION (PRF) LEAVING YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAPPINESS HOME.
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