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Iggy - Web3 Social for DAOs
Iggy Social is a set of free open-source tools that allow any DAO or web3 community to set up their own Web3 Social app, fully controlled by the community, and with useful web3 integrations and features that can bring additional revenue to the community treasury.Live example: FairchatZKFair is a new ZK L2 chain built with the Polygon CDK technology and part of the Polygon ecosystem of L2 chains.The ZKFair web3 community has its own decentralized chat created with Iggy, called Fairchat: Usernames on that platform are .fairchat domain names.ImpactOur software is geared towards DAOs and web3 communities who want to set up Web3 Social tools for their members. Some examples of our users are the ZKFair community, PoolTogether DAO, Smol Brains NFT community (part of Treasure DAO), Giveth DAO, Klima DAO, Dope Wars DAO, Flare community, etc.Use of fundsAt Iggy Social, we're a motivated team with ambitious goals. Without any VC funding, we've been relying on grants to fund our growth.Should we secure the grant, we'll use the funds for further development of tools on both Polygon and Polygon zkEVM networks. Website: 
Raised: $71.194


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