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IDM Recycling project in Merida Venezuela
We are IDM a group of recycling enthusiasts inspired by the "Precious Plastic" movement trying to create our own workshop to transform plastic waste into long lasting products such as tables, chairs, public benches, etc., thus removing polluting plastic from the environment and giving a second life to these wastes. We also have the objective of creating a recycling culture in our city (Merida) together with other associations, since unfortunately in our country there has been little initiative to educate the population on recycling issues.We are currently limited in our capacity to transform plastic, we have a small workshop at home that has been designed to manufacture small sheets from plastic types 2 and 5. Our work equipment, also made from recycled material, have very limited features, for example, an improvised oven with an old electric stove and a washing machine casing, a small mold made with material donated by an institution, a small manual shredder, and we do not have the necessary resources to manufacture specialized machinery (extruder, shredder, ovens, molds, etc.).We would like you to join our movement by giving us your collaboration to continue advancing in the goal of having a green environment, not only in Venezuela but in the whole world.
Raised: $9.699


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